Saturday, September 29, 2012

these guys

I managed to survive 8 years living in manhattan and it's only taken a year for Miami to kick me in the balls and leave me for dead.

And yet I still love it down here.  I mean, I was not expecting iguanas on my walk to get coffee this morning.  Don't get me wrong, I love pigeons, but there is something thrilling and exotic about iguanas.

Although I didn't really need to take the zoom in pic:

Not the most flattering.  But I was excited!

Jed told me that there was a frost a few years ago and it killed most of the iguanas, as they are cold blooded.  He said that it was quite a problem as the larger ones would freeze solid in a tree and then fall down, often damaging cars underneath.  Would that be covered under insurance?  I doubt it.

Anyways, I'm glad to see that they are back to running amuck down here.  It reminds me of why I came down here and why I still love it.  And I do, I do still love it, although nyc is looking more and more appealing these days.

Life is just so much simpler there.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I really wanted to do this

I got an email over a week ago about how Wendy Williams was going to have people on her show cut their hair to donate during the month of October.

It would have been so perfect!  I'm sad that my October is going to be too busy with other things for me to make a trip up to NYC to get my luscious locks cut.

I'm still planning on cutting my hair soon, it's just something that's gone to the back burner for now.  And while it goes on the back burner it continues to grow and grow and grow.  Seriously, I have so much hair now.  I need some tips on how to put it up.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

omg she is my new favorite person

How did I not know about her?!  I love her giggle, she is so cute!!  I guess maybe cute isn't the right word since she could knock me out with one punch, but she is something.

My hero.


I noticed that first and was so grossed out.  Ugh, just thinking about it now again makes my stomach hurt.

Then my eye travelled down the road and landed on this flavor:

Jonathan, I didn't know you got a job at Grace in the "soup naming department"!!  Congratulations!!!

That's some pricey cock though.  Why is the cock flavor almost a whole dollar more than fish tea?  I'm left with more questions than answers on this one.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

this came to mind

Maybe because I've been thinking about Lindsay Lohan a lot the past few days, but I think also because I talked to my sister tonight.  I'm glad that I did, it was important.

The good news is that I signed the paperwork for my new job!  I am incredibly excited and beyond grateful.  I'm looking forward to working hard for a while.  I think I'm going to have a little reprieve between jobs though.  I think I might just enjoy walking to the beach every day.

Monday, September 24, 2012

At least Heather let me win

It was playing out my board with "seizure" that really set her off.  I think she was expecting an easy game after my award winning first word, "taco".  She should have realized I started out with my strongest suit.  Tacos.  Mmmm imagine a taco suit?

Anyways, Heather actually did really well, if I hadn't played out my board we would have been a lot closer in our final scores.  She was still a bit of a sore loser though.  After she saw me taking a picture of the board she decided to add her two cents in:

Sunday, September 23, 2012

what a weekend

I will never forget this weekend.

Thank you to all of my friends, really.  I'm glad to know I have such an amazing support system.

I might be light on the posting for a bit.  I need to get some things sorted out in these coming days.


Friday, September 21, 2012


This was the line for the new iphone this morning, except apparently this wasn't even the worst of it.  I guess Apple opened early this morning to start selling them so by the time I showed up for work I just got the stragglers.  

I remember when the original iphone came out and this ridiculous line at the soho store.  There were people at the front of the line trying to sell their spot, asking for hundreds of dollars in exchange for the two days they slept on the sidewalk.  

This isn't that bad, but this is also for an upgraded iphone with barely any upgrades.  I was not expecting this many people so early in the morning.  

Thursday, September 20, 2012

rough night

I woke up this morning to Heather knocking on my door.  As I approached to see what could possibly be so important that she would need to come rap rap rapping so early in the morning I heard a distinctive shrieking sound amidst the knocks.

When I opened the door that bad cat came running in and Heather said, "he was just sitting there when I left my apt just now and he just looked at me and started yelling".

I guess at some point last night he snuck out and I didn't notice so he must have had an exciting night.  Of course the first thing he did when he was inside was run to his food bowl and stuff himself.  Cause you know, he would never be proactive enough to just catch a lizard or a bug and eat it.  I'm sure it only took him like an hour of exploring before he realized he was locked out and just gave up in front of my door and waited for me to either find him or death to come from starvation.

He didn't appreciate me taking pictures of him so he readjusted himself.

He's rude.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2 for 1

Since I suddenly found myself with the day off yesterday Sarah took me out for two for one beers and dinner.  Those are actually two, two for one beers that were brought to me after much confusion.  When I found out that they had Guinness I asked the waiter if I could have a black and tan and if that was included in the two for one.  He had never heard of a black and tan and after I explained to him what it was he said, "oh let me go see if they can make it".  I don't think he quite got that it was just mixing two beers together and that as long as they had the two beers they could definitely do it.

Anyways in all the confusion the bartender ended up making two gigantic black and tans so I ended up getting four for one.  It's a good thing I was making Sarah pilot the benz.  Hahaha she got angry at somebody in traffic and then she was like, "See when I get all crazy in this I just look like a bitch in my mercedes.  If I saw myself in traffic I'd be like, "calm down, you're in a mercedes, you're fine"

It is kind of true.  The tinted windows help though.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

for Elliot

Things went downhill fast this weekend at work.  Because of a promise I made to the regional manager I had to give my two weeks notice yesterday instead of taking the Elliot or Sarah route.

Sergio is going to come back from vacation to a world of hurt.

Wish me luck on my interviews this week.  I'm excited for new opportunities.

Monday, September 17, 2012

check out these talons

Fabienne sent me this picture this morning of her new nails.  They are too perfect.  I am obsessed.

The only thing that would be better is if I could see them in person.  The gold is so dazzling, I want to see it sparkle.

Kim, you need to see this.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I'm terrible

For many reasons, mostly for missing the past two days of blog posts.  I would have gotten one in for Sunday but I chose to hang out with Elliot after work and missed my deadline.  It was worth it:

But this post is not about sparkles though she remains, very nice.  It's about how I'm terrible, and the equally terrible picture above of the Blount license plate I saw driving to work just minutes after I had posted this.  I stuck to my resolution of not risking anybody's life by trying to get a good picture while in moving traffic so the result is too blurry to even realize it's from Blount but believe me, it was.

I had put it out of my mind until I was walking to my car during my break and spotted this monstrosity parked UNNECESSARILY CLOSE TO ME:

You can imagine the look on my face when I saw the license plate.  I was only in my car for a moment to pick up an application I needed to drop off for a new job (details to follow hopefully) which I thought a shame as this was the perfect opportunity to interact with a person, or possible family, from Blount.

After dropping off my resume I went back to my car to retrieve my soda pop from lunch that I had left. Had I not, I would not have seen the four South American women looking all around while the lights on the chevy next to my car were flashing.  I would never have seen the driver open her door directly in to my door.  And I certainly would have never gotten a crisp $100 dollar bill for bitching about a ding in my door and threatening to call mall security.

What I did not do however was ask them about Blount.  I figure it must be a rental, but still, why?  Maybe I should have asked them what rental car company they used so I could write them a letter.  Although I didn't get the impression that they would be forthcoming with information after I held the drivers door open while I inspected my car for the ding that I did eventually find.

I think they learned their lesson, but I am no closer to learning the sickening truth about Blount.

Also I'm terrible for making the past three posts about license plates.

Friday, September 14, 2012

why didn't I think of this?

That plate would look way better on the back of the roadster.  Grrr, shame on me for not thinking of this.

And since I can't get cat butt I'm already losing this battle.  I feel the same way about choosing a tattoo. I can never come up with something clever on my own, just see what other people do and wish I were that cool.  And they even got it with the endless summer plate!  That's the one I have always wanted for the roadster:

It looks good against the black too.  I've always thought it would be sharp on my car.

I've also always wanted this one:

But I feel like the endless summer looks the best on a convertible.  The question remains, what should it say?

Suggestions are appreciated.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

bringing people together

As I've mentioned before, I now get pictures from all over these great United States of the Blount license plates.  I feel like a young Erin Brockovich, thrust in to a mystery far bigger than anybody had anticipated, yet driven to see it through and that justice is served.

I received this message from Jeanne yesterday:

I just saw a Blount license plate. Sadly, I couldn't get a photo because of CA's ridiculous hands free crackdown, but there's further evidence for you that they're EVERYWHERE.

And then this morning I woke up to that picture message from Rebecca.

Folks, this is getting out of hand.  I'm going to have to put on my lowest cut shirt and head down to city hall to try and dig up some records or something.

I will keep you updated.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I think he's glad I'm home

He inched himself in to this position, like I wouldn't notice.  If I had continued to ignore him I'm sure he would have eventually just crawled across my entire keyboard.

But I can't resist him, he's too adorable.  We've run the full gamut of emotions, from extreme purring and headbutting, to biting and kicking.  Now we seem to have reached the "just be with me" stage.  If I'm standing in one place for long enough he will lay down across my feet, otherwise he just has to be at my side, touching me somehow.  : (

He's nice.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

haha it's him!

I was in a jet-lagged haze all day yesterday so I ended up spending the evening playing flash games online while I waited to pass out.

If you haven't played Sushi Cat you should.  Especially if you like adorable kitties, and plinko.  One of the features they added to this sequel to the original is the ability to unlock different outfits.  You can imagine my delight when I unlocked the detective.

I wonder if I can commission a seamstress to make me that outfit for my detective.  He would look so handsome.  I also really like fancy cat.  Really any of those outfits would look great on the detective.  And you know he loves to wear outfits...

He's happy.

Monday, September 10, 2012

i'm back

It was so wonderfully uncomfortably hot I had to stop my run so I could jump in the water.  Yesterday walking around San Francisco I was literally wearing a sweater and a leather jacket and I was still cold.    It was nice to begin sweating immediately upon exiting the airport this morning.

After my swim I was heading home and as I passed an area of woods I heard some rustling from the foliage.  I was very pleased to find this nice guy:

although since it was still like 3 in the afternoon I think it's safe to assume that he has rabies.  That's why I was glad there was a fence in between us.  Still, his face, I like it.

It's also my first raccoon sighting here even though I always look for them after I noticed this hilarious sign a while back:

"We only have two rules around here, no stopping, and definitely no feeding the raccoons"

I like that they had to have a sign specially commissioned because the problem had apparently gotten that out of hand.

Why can't the Ft. Lauderdale fire department just let the raccoons be great?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

whatever happened to predictability

I have the afternoon to myself on my last day in San Francisco so I decided to go for a nice afternoon stroll.  I ended up on Broderick St. and remembered that it's the street the actual full house house is on that I never got to see the last time I was here.  So there you go Sergio, I hauled my ass all over San Francisco one more time just for this picture, just for you.  I have to say, looking at the house from the side view, I do not believe it could support a family of...what, like 8?  And didn't they all have their own bedrooms?  But at least I can check this off my list of things to see in my lifetime.

I also appreciate that I got to see this today:

Hahaha.  That's Evan trying to navigate the impossibly steep hill outside Meredith's apartment.  While I would never want to have to deal with that hill on a daily basis I do love this sign on the corner:

Such a Meredith place to live.  I'm sad I to leave tonight but I look forward to getting back in to shorts and flip flops.

the wedding

In case you can't tell it was really beautiful.  There were parasols!!

And I cried a could times.  Thankfully the ceremony was short and sweet so we could spend the rest of the night drinking and dancing.  There were reality show style photographers all over the place so I didn't take many pictures, figuring theirs will be much better.  I can't wait until they get posted so we can see them.

I did take a picture of my place setting though, I couldn't resist.

So many beverages.

We're heading to brunch this morning and then sadly I have to make my way back to sunshine state.  It's been an amazing weekend and I am really honored to have been included.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

spending the day in Napa

We had the morning to ourselves so we headed to downtown Napa for some wandering and window shopping.  We got some really great coffee at Molinari Caffe where they turn their tip jar in to a work of art:

I was impressed.

Evan and I dropped Kelly off to get a massage while we headed to the Thomas to massage our insides with delicious booze.

I had a great bloody mary, Evan had a sparkling lavender lemonade, and we both had some lovely conversation.  With each other and with strangers at the bar.

When we met back up with Kelly we headed to the Oxbow Public Market for a bite to eat before heading back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding, which is where we find ourselves now.  In fact, I need to get dressed, looking forward to a good night.

rehearsal dinner

We were given the extreme honor of attending the rehearsal dinner though we were not actually in the wedding party.  I aint mad though, it was an incredibly awesome evening.

The dinner was held at the Stag's Leap Wine Cellars named after the mountain seen in the picture above.  I was more interested in the delicious looking grapes though:

They looked picture perfect!!  Although to be honest everything was picture perfect last night.

After a few glasses of wine on the hilltop they moved us inside the caves for a little tour followed by an amazing dinner.

They actually opened an entire cask just for the dinner.  It was INCREDIBLE!  Though after several glasses of wine my trip to the bathroom turned in to a slightly terrifying journey through endless hallways lined with casks.

But I survived and found my way back to the table where I had the best view in the cave:

Awwww and congratulations Peter on making me tear up with your speech.

I can't wait to see them get hitched this afternoon!

Friday, September 7, 2012

the wedding, day 1

I made it to San Francisco safe and sound.  Actually, I got the entire row to myself on the flight out so I slept like a baby.  I met up with Kelly and Evan at the airport and we made our way to Meredith's to spend the night.  That view from the top of a hill is all you're getting from me about San Francisco.

Well that and this shot I took of downtown from the bridge as we left the city:

And made our way out to wine country:

I actually saw grapes!  Real live grapes!!

So far we've only attended the welcoming party and if it's any indication of the weekend ahead I am quite excited.  Everything you need to know about the party can be summed up in this picture of us:


Oh and I'm sorry Meredith, I know I promised I wouldn't put this on my blog but I can't resist.

That ring is not kidding around.

It's going to be a good weekend.