Friday, August 31, 2012

trying to decide what to wear when suddenly

When Linden came over to pick up Chloe the other day she did some motherly scolding of how messy my closet was.  It's just so easy to get out of hand, and even easier to shut the door and ignore the accumulating disaster.  But it really is better when it's organized.

So yesterday, keeping with my theme of not spending money, I decided to lock myself in the closet all morning and clean.  The fact that my piles are so haphazardly folded should give you an idea of how much I actually had to do.  I did eventually get it in to some semblance of order though, and still had enough time to go for a run before I had to start getting ready for work.

It was after my shower when I was standing in my freshly cleaned closet that I actually looked around at my clothes for the first time.  Actually being able to see everything instead of just a giant pile makes getting dressed so much easier.  And there were several articles of clothing I had forgotten about altogether.

I was scanning the piles from left to right, top to bottom, which is why I didn't even notice him for quite a while.  He wasn't actually asleep anymore though you can't really tell.  His eyes were open and he was watching me from his peripheral vision.  Once I got more up in his face to take his picture he made it clear that he was not pleased with me disturbing him.

It makes me wonder how many times when my closet was disorganized did I come this close to almost certain death without even realizing.  It's a chilling thought.

After I took my pictures I left him alone and got my clothes for work.  I turned out the light and didn't see him again until I got home late last night.  You can imagine what was waiting for me in the window of my apt when I got home.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I want to know who let you on stage

omg omg omg.

She's so adorable.  Between this and American Idol I think I'm going to have to sign up for tv again.

nothing better to do

After a weekend of heavy rain I was excited to be a sun worshipper once again yesterday.  I wanted to take the roadster out so I was glad when Sarah wanted to hang out down in Miami Shores.  One of the good things about being friends with your coworkers is that you are usually rich or broke together.  This Friday being our payday we were both in the broke boat together yesterday.

Sarah went on groupon to try and find something for us to do which led to the depressing realization that we didn't even have enough money for the groupon things.  The only thing we came close to was $50.00 for an hour of tattooing that we would have been able to pay for if we pooled our money together.  After a few RUDE suggestions back and forth of what tattoo we would get we decided that maybe the tattoo wasn't going to happen.

So we went with the old fallback activity, happy hour.  It's nice to be able to go somewhere with a nice view, even when you're broke, and still be able to have a relaxing afternoon.  I was just trying to think of what similar thing we would have done in new york and the only thing I could come up with was drinking on the roof.  I guess I had some good times on various rooftops but still, it's nice to have your money go a little further down here.

Either way it's always easier to find something to do when there's nothing to do if you have a partner in crime.  As I approach my 1 year anniversary of moving down here I am pleasantly surprised to realize how many friends I've managed to make in this short amount of time.  I appreciate it, thanks guys.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

ahaha i like this story

Just read the article on dlisted.

This story makes me happy.  Especially because I saw some stuff online about the lion over the weekend but never thought that's how it would turn out.

He's nice.

worth watching

For some reason I didn't watch this immediately when it came out but thought about it last night while I was eating dinner.

It's fun, I like that she's wearing a mini dress, and she looks so happy walking around holding up the cards.  I think what I didn't like was that it all reminded me of this:

Not that there is anything wrong with that.  And in a way I always like when she's self referential, reminding us why we love her.  Oh did you forget about this cd?  Maybe it's worth another listen while you ready yourself for the new album.

Circles?  Ugh, so good.

The Triumphant video being directed by Nick makes sense.  I feel like that's the Mariah he likes the best.  Standing alone in a gold mini dress with lots of sparkles all around her.  It's good, I'm not going to pretend like its not.

I guess I was just hoping for something new and different.  Maybe I expected having babies to change her?  Is that the point of this video?  To reassure us that it will be business as usual with Mariah even though she is a mother now?

All in all I think it's a fitting video for the song.  Those of you who still haven't even listened to the song (Sarah), I posted this with you in mind.

As for me, now that Isaac has finally passed us by, I am going for a much needed run.  You can guess what I will be listening to.

Monday, August 27, 2012

two best friends

I am still in denial that I had to give Chloe back and it's already been more than a day.  When Linden came I told her they were best best friends so I was a little embarrassed when Chloe ran up to the detective and he boxed her in the face several times with his paws.  I promise they were best friends most of the time.

I think it was because they are almost exactly the same size.  The same long hot dog like bodies supported by furry cartoonish limbs.  The same expressive tails, featuring their longest hair, adding punctuation to their body language.  But where one is white, the other black.  Where one is cat, the other dog.  Where one is smiling and happy, eager to be a companion, the other wears a scowl, and would prefer to be neither touched nor looked at.

They're like, "oh we'll get to hang out again soon right?"

this is what we came up with

This outfit was a group effort believe it or not.  I got the pants the other day because I feel like you should always have a good pair of black pants.  That being said, I have no idea what to wear with black pants as I don't ever wear black pants.

I think Brittany hit the nail on the head when she said they remind her of a fast food workers uniform.  Black pants definitely seem like they are a requirement, not a choice.  I guess that's why I was ok with the outfit I ended up with as it seemed the most fun and unlike a uniform.

Also, I tied that bow tie on my first try!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

my day with Chloe

That face.  I can't.


Yesterday I went down to Linden's to check on the cats and decided to bring Chloe with me so she could check on things at home.  She ran around checking on things while I tended to the cats.  By the time I was done I found her relaxing in the sunshine on the front porch.

I felt bad making her leave again, she's so comfortable.  But then I think she was pleased to be back in the car with the air conditioning, as she positioned herself with her face directly in to the vent.

: (

After we left South Beach we headed up to Miami Shores to hang out with Sarah before she had to go to work.  Watching Chloe play with Sarah's two chihuahuas was just too adorable.

I feel bad for Chloe at home because the detective is a real jerk.  I think by now she has figured out that he isn't going to do anything to her so she will go right up to him with her tail wagging and he just glares at her and walks away.  Oh and he's mad at me too.  When I sat down at my computer to write this post just now Chloe jumped up next to me and curled up to snooze and be nice.  A few minutes later the detective came walking up and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw her there.  He looked at her, he looked at me, he looked at her, he looked at me.  I said to him, "you can come up here but only if you stop acting like a jerk".

Apparently that was the last straw.  From where he was on the floor he reached up to the coffee table, grabbed on to my computer keyboard and pulled it down.  SO RUDE.

The point is that it was nice to see Chloe get to play with another animal instead of having to walk around on eggshells all the time.  Of course when it comes to Sarah's dog Allie you use the word play loosely.

For the most part it was just Chloe wiggling around like a crazed woman while Allie tried to act like nothing was going on and she didn't even know Chloe was there.  I tried to take pictures but my phone had a hard time auto focusing on them.  I'll just post the best ones so you can get an idea.

Best friends forever : ((((

Thursday, August 23, 2012

he's helping

At some point I stopped believing it was all the same dog.

Go, Monkey, Go

Thank you Meghan for sending me this:

It has made my morning and you're right, it's hard to pick out a favorite part without giving too much away.

"Guessing it was a raccoon, an F.W.C. lieutenant scaled a ladder and barked at it. The monkey urinated on him and disappeared."

“In one of my divorces, I lost $100,000 worth of tortoises.”

"This is not the first time that monkeys have incited a minor populist uprising in Florida."

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

its going to be a good weekend

When Linden asked me if I would mind watching Chloe for a few days while she was in the Keys I did not hesitate.  Look at her face!

: (((((

I have seriously been so excited all week for this.

When I picked her up I wasn't sure where she'd want to be for the car ride.  Apparently she just wanted to be asleep.

I seriously can't with how adorable she is.  I am afraid I am going to damage the muscles in my face by having my bottom lip curled under all weekend.

When I got home the detective was nowhere to be found.  Before I had left I asked him if he was excited to have a friend visiting for the weekend and he said, "no that sounds terrible, I hate you" before climbing on to one of the top shelves in my closet and falling asleep.  So I guess I was not surprised to find him still hiding when we arrived this afternoon.

He was still curled up in the same spot I had left him but now I could see his two glowing eyes in the darkness and his ears perked up to the max.  Chloe was snuffling around the apt so I called her over so he could see her first, from the shadows, as I know he'd prefer it.

I wanted to be here for their first interactions to make sure nothing terrible happened, but I really needed to go to the grocery store and I couldn't wait all day for the detective to finally come down from his perch.  I decided to go ahead but to try and make it a quick grocery run.

When I got home I wasn't quite sure what to expect as I opened the door.  You can imagine my reaction when I found them both sitting in the doorway together waiting for me.

: ((((((((((((

They are best best friends.

I am not getting anything done this weekend.

the fury of EDUARD

On Monday both Elliot and I texted each other saying we were stuck in traffic because neither of us had realized it was back to school.

On Tuesday I left early but I guess nobody reminded Sergio so I got a text from him just as I was parking saying, "I'm stuck in traffic because of these fucking little turds shit faces i'll be there in a bit"


I decided to take a video of the arrival of Eduard.  I was not disappointed.

he's still awesome

I read this story on TMZ about how LL Cool J apprehended an intruder in his home until the police arrived and I thought to myself, "LL Cool J is really fucking cool".

So I've been having an LL morning, and I want to share it with you all.

I didn't even know this existed, I am adding it to my main playlist immediately.

For some reason my coworker Chris and I were talking about LL Cool J one day at work and he made some comment about, "whats the deal with that video where he's eating an apple?"  I was trying to explain it to him but in doing so I got too distracted thinking about him eating that apple.  I could stare at his mouth all day.

Besides that, as TMZ has confirmed, there is nobody I'd rather be stuck in a shark infested sea laboratory with than LL.

There's a reason the ladies love cool james.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

like a dream come true

I woke up this morning still unable to believe that they are going to be doing American Idol together.

I wasn't just dreaming right?!

Ugh I can't wait.  I hope they give each other a lot of suspicious side eyes.  I wonder if they will have to be separated at the judging table so they don't just end up talking to each other the whole time.

Monday, August 20, 2012

the cancer is spreading

I received this picture in a text message from Chris along with, "it doesn't stop..."

Unfortunately, it's true.  For those of you not in the know, here is my original post about the whole Blount thing.

Truthfully though, that's putting it mildly.  It's become so much more than "the Blount thing" for me.  I mean honestly, I have stopped going out of my way to take pictures of them myself because I get at least one a week from one of my friends down here that they saw in traffic.  Besides that I get a lot of, "bro I saw one of those Blount license plates but I couldn't get a picture of it".  I'm looking at you Eduard.

The picture above was from Chris.  He emphasized that he got out of the car in the middle of traffic just to take that pic, but to be honest I've been so overwhelmed with the Blount I wasn't really even impressed.

It wasn't until a few hours later that I got a text from Kelly with this picture:

with, "thought of you here in AC"

That's Atlantic City, New Jersey.  People, we have an epidemic on our hands.  There is seriously something going on in Blount County and I am determined to get to the bottom of it.

If you need me I will be consulting with the detective about what we should pack for our road trip up to Tennessee.  That's right, I'm going to the source to get to the bottom of this.  Just you wait.

I'm doing terribly at my new years resolution

As you may or may not recall I posted here in January about how my new years resolution was to post more about Beyonce.

I apologize to Meghan, to Dan, to the rest of you, but most of all I apologize to myself.  To be honest, I've been wrapped up in Mariah the past few months.  I'm not ashamed of it, but I've also been neglecting some of my old favorites.  Like Beyonce.  I mean, she was my new years resolution, and I've let her down.

So thank you Jonathan, for sending me this video, and reminding me that Beyonce is fucking amazing.

Flaw free.

it was like olden times

One thing you should know about me, if you don't already, is that I love to think about olden times.  For me, "olden times" can mean basically any time before I was born.

I think about a lot of things when I think of olden times,  like how people made rules that we still follow but they are based on things that don't even matter anymore.  Or I like thinking about how my life would be different if I were living in olden times.  I like thinking about how my life is better now for living in the present instead of olden times.

Basically I just like thinking about olden times.

So today when I LEFT MY WALLET AT HOME LIKE  A FOOL, and then HAD MY CELL PHONE DIE LIKE A FOOL, I had a moment of, "wow, this must have been what it was like in olden times.  I think it was when I realized the only thing I had in my pockets was my car keys.  I thought to myself, "wow, in olden times people wouldn't have had anything in their pockets".

I have to say, it was kind of liberating.  And also really nice to know that I have friends who don't mind fronting me cash for coffee and food when I blank out and forget my wallet.  I mean seriously, I have been carrying a wallet with me for the past 15 years of my life and I forget it today?  Why?!

Ugh, well tomorrow is another day and hopefully I can wake up as the responsible member of society I once was.  Otherwise I will have to get even more used to olden times when my car runs out of gas and I can't fill it up because I have no money on me.  That will be fun.  Updates to follow, I'm charging my phone now so at least I can take pictures from the side of the road.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

finally, Linden

It was a dull weekday last spring when Linden came in to my work and we decided that we should be best friends.  UNfortunately every time we tried to make plans to hang out they were thwarted by the universe.  That is until yesterday.

We had originally planned on the beach but as you can see it turned in to a dark day in South Florida.  Not even Star Island could get the clouds to part for them.  We decided to just hang out on Lincoln road, where nobody will be surprised that I asked her to take me for tacos.

After some post dinner shopping we were headed back to the car when we heard some distant music.  Without hesitation Linden headed towards the music.  This is where we ended up:

Some kind of back alley party.  The best part of the whole thing was that Linden didn't seem surprised by any of it.  I guess you can't turn a corner on south beach without running in to a raging street party.  Another reason I'm glad I moved down here.

I'm also glad that Linden and I got to hang out.  I had a great time and look forward to having somebody to show me around south beach more.  I look forward to many more adventures in the future.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Jon I found you a vehicle!

You can move down here now Jonathan, I finally found a set of wheels suitable for you to travel around in.

Also, can we talk about the name of that restaurant and how it still cracks me up.

But no seriously, Jonathan, this could be you:

I made it through the night

Wow.  Wow.  As I drove to get coffee this morning I thought back on the events of last evening in preparation for this post.  As you can see, I originally thought that being in Hialieah was going to be the most exciting part of my night.  I had no idea that the real drama was waiting for me after the party was over, and at the hands of an EXTREMELY drunk Sarah.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

We went to Hialeah last night for Sofy's birthday party.  The only thing I know about Hialeah is that whenever Sofy says she from there everyone gives a knowing chuckle.  That and our old manager would refer to her as Hialeah and it would enrage her.  Whenever I ask anybody about it I get, "it's the cuban neighborhood".  Needless to say I was excited to finally go.

Upon getting there we quickly realized that Sofy was nowhere near as plastered as she needed to be.  There were already people swimming in their underwear and she was still clucking her tongue and acting all aloof and sober.  Sarah took it upon herself to remedy that situation with some shots.  And by some shots I mean a lot of shots.  I mean seriously, that poor girl, they drank a lot very quickly.

The rest of the party was spent with the main group of us hanging out and enjoying pleasant conversation while Sarah either walked around the party with Sofy lifeless on her arm a la weekend at Bernie's, did keg stands, or became intimately familiar with vomit.  How do I know that last part?  Because she felt the need to tell us about it over and over throughout the night, always as if it was new information that we were actually interested in hearing, and often starting in to the story immediately after Gaby and I both said we didn't want to hear about it.  But for us the party was fun.  Some infant came up to me and asked me what school I went to which made me feel 10 years younger.

By about 3 in the morning Gaby and I had decided we'd had enough so Sarah did her final keg stands, I'm not kidding, and then we left.  As I pulled up to Sarah's house to drop the girls off Sarah grabbed my arm, looked deep in to my eyes, and said, "can we get pizza?".  How can I say no?  No really, I should have said no, but I went along with it like a fool.  Good for you Gaby for leaving when you had the chance as the night quickly descended in to madness.

First of all, Sarah kept forgetting what we were doing so I was literally driving around in cirlcles for the first 15 minutes.  We'd be going along and she'd say, "where are you going?" and I would say, "we are going to get pizza, you were supposed to tell me where we are going" to which she would reply, "ohhh, we passed it a long time ago".

I would make a U-turn, we would drive for a while and I would ask, "ok Sarah, where is this place" and she would reply, "Where do you want to go?  We can get Taco Bell, we can get Burger King...".  "I thought we were getting pizza?" I would remind her.  "Ooohhh pizza?  We passed it a long time ago".

We finally ended up at Denny's where I thought I could get some food in her and bring her back to reality.  Oh how wrong I was.  When I got back from the bathroom I found Sarah, face in hands, moaning softly to herself.  First it was that she lost her phone.  When I asked her if she wanted to look for it she sadly said, "It's an iphone, it's gone, it's gone, just forget about it, it's gone".  I finally convinced her to go look in my car but she returned a short time later empty handed, defeated.  She begrudgingly stayed and let me buy her food but the entire meal was spent with her bemoaning her position in life as a grade-A fool.

At some point she overturned her purse on the table to prove that her phone wasn't in there, which is when she realized that she didn't have her keys.  Oh did the theatrics start then.  Driving her home she was literally just rolling around in the passenger seat, moving it in every direction possible, and babbling incoherently.  She kept asking to use my phone so she could do things, which I see this morning, was send really important texts like this one: Are you wake is convrete feet.

Ahahaha what is that even supposed to mean?!  There was no talking to Sarah, no consoling her, no helping her.  All I could do was what she asked me to do so my evening ended in the parking lot of a florist shop where we had to wait for one of Sarah's friends who she was convinced would "fix everything".  When he arrived and Sarah got out of the car she found her cell phone on the floor of the passenger seat.

After she smothered me with kisses and "I love you"s I forced Sarah to get out of my car so I could go home.  I have no pity for her, she is a fool.  I do appreciate that I had my first 'out all night' night in Miami, and I'm glad I was with the people I was with.  And lesson learned for next time, I will be holding Sarah's things in my pockets.

Friday, August 17, 2012

good for me

I am definitely still guilty of putting my gas tank out of my mind until it's too late.  This time I was not at risk of getting stranded anywhere, but realized on Tuesday that I didn't have enough gas to get me through the end of the week and payday.  I had enough money in my bank account to choose food or fuel.

And then I remembered, like the fabled ant and the grasshopper, the last time I was feeling rich I went ahead and filled up both tanks at the same time.  Oh it was pricey but I had a feeling it would come in handy.

See, my excess pays off again.  I made it to today, my money has finally been deposited, and now both cars are up to par.  It's a good thing too as I've got to make a trip to a new Miami neighborhood tonight for Sofy's birthday party.  Given the past few parties I have a feeling I am going to be parking on somebody's lawn so I'd just assume be in the truck.  And so the roadster goes back under wraps, to wait for a beautiful day or for me to run out of gas again.  Whichever comes first.

Urgent! Special Weather Alert!

I get these weather alerts on my phone that are hit or miss when it comes to what actually happens with the skies.  My phone will be going crazy in my pocket with alerts about flash floods and tropical storms when the view out my window remains sunny and peaceful.

The detective, however, proves to be as reliable as old faithful.  We were sitting on the couch together when all of a sudden he looked out the window with terror in his eyes before slinking out of the room quickly but calmly.  I got no message from my phone and I couldn't see any clouds out my window but sure enough about 15 minutes later there was an afternoon thunderstorm.  I guess he had heard some distant thunder?

Of course the storm only lasted for a brief while and was hardly enough to even care about.  I forgot all about it by the time I went in to the bathroom and found him, still sitting here.  When I came around the corner he gave me a look like, "this is my hiding place and there's only enough room for one"

I closed the door and left him to his hiding.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I think we both know the answer to that

In real life I can't even stay awake until dusk.  Yesterday I took a "nap" that would have easily just turned in to sleeping all night had I not forced myself to get out of bed at one point.  Even then all I ended up doing was finishing the cleaning I had started before I passed out, ate something, played some of that game, and fell back asleep.

I never even took a shower yesterday, that's how disgusting I am.  But today, today is a new day, and I have to go to work among other things.  I'm actually looking forward to today for reasons to be discussed later.  For now I am going to take a shower and try to prepare myself to rejoin the world of the living.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ahahaha this made my morning

Andrew:  every photo of yourself you have some swarmy look
 Sent at 11:36 AM on Wednesday
 me:  hahaha
i think the word you are looking for is smarmy
and it is the look I have on my face right now for getting to correct your english muahahaha
i especially like entry #4
but entry #1 is the most popular
 Sent at 11:40 AM on Wednesday
 me:  hahaha
 Sent at 11:42 AM on Wednesday
 me:  this pleases me

Maybe you two would like to finish debriefing each other at Guantanamo

I got this awesome shirt from work as one of my free pieces for fall and I think I made a fine choice.  The material is really thick and it's got a lot of detail, especially on the sleeves.  When I picked it out there were a lot of suggestions thrown around for what bottoms I could wear with it but it wasn't until I was driving home that I had the brilliant idea of wearing my suspenders.

As I've mentioned before, I always feel a little bit like Brendan Fraser when I wear these suspenders but then with the dark green shirt it makes it more jungle commando.  I got a variety of "secret jungle guerrilla army leader" comments but I was the most pleased when Chris immediately referenced Goldeneye.

As we all know, it's one of my favorites, and I had gotten a similar vibe from the outfit as well.  The only problem is that it really looks more like Natalya's outfit than James'.  Still it allows for the reference I made in the title of my post.  It's the line that is supposed to be a sexy joke at the end about them hooking up but now sounds like a terrifying sentence.  Who would have thought.

While Sarah liked my outfit she was upset that I didn't wear my hair in a bun on the top of my head.  Really.  She wouldn't stop talking about it.  So in an attempt to appease her I wore this outfit to work with her the other day:

and yet it still wasn't good enough.  She said I could have gotten the bun higher on my head.  I'm not a frat girl headed to the tanning salon.  Although to be honest I'm not really sure what I was going for with that outfit.  It was fine for work but I'm not sure where I would wear that in the real world.  A semi-formal yacht party?  I have no idea.

My next mission is going to be figuring out what I will be wearing to this wedding in Sept.  I have a couple options floating around in my head but I'm going to have to try things on and get some opinions.  Most people seem to be routing for my "miami vice" outfit.  We'll see.


Elliot took me on a special field trip yesterday to Bloomingdale's where, for some reason, the delorean from the 2nd back to the future movie was sitting at the entrance.

Elliot looking it over like a predator.

I think what's so cool and great about this car is that all the time travel stuff is so clearly added on.  The idea that it was built by a nutty old inventor and not by a team of car designers.  The delorean itself is beautiful and interesting and then there are all of these garish add ons that look like parts from a junkyard.  And yet its unmistakable and still looks so friggin' cool even this many years later.

I was reading a thing online about how there is a fan theory about how Doc Brown was trying to kill himself.  That the story about falling in the bathroom and hitting his head was actually his first attempt but then he gets the idea for the flux capacitor so he builds the time machine.  The scene in the parking lot is supposed to be his final attempt at success after a life of failed inventions.  He remotely controls the delorean driving around the parking lot, aims it at himself and Marty, then drives it up to 88 miles an hour.  The time machine is successful so they both live, but if it had been a failure like all his others it would have killed them both there in the parking lot.  This makes it even more disturbing that he grabs Marty at the last minute and forces him to stay standing with him.

And what of Einstein then?  He was still in the car, a helpless passenger on this suicide mission.  I guess the delorean would have continued driverless, crashed through the wall of the mall, and ended up in the entrance to Bloomingdale's.

Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm so glad I saw this

I took Sarah home from work yesterday and we stopped at Gaby's house to hang out.  I didn't even realize it was the closing ceremonies and I had forgotten all about the spice girls being there.


But really the best part was that it prompted Sarah to request we watch Spice World.  Wow.  Wow.  I definitely have not seen that movie since I was probably like 11 years old.  It brought back a lot of feelings, the strongest being my love for Posh.

I love when she looks at the tunnel she is supposed to crawl through and then just turns her head and keeps walking like she didn't even notice it.  That is EXACTLY the kind of thing I would do.

Now I am going to be on a Spice Girls kick for a while.  Who am I kidding, I already have spice girls on my main playlist, I'm just going to add a couple more in to the routine.

"Stop right now, thank you very much, I need somebody with a human touch"

Sunday, August 12, 2012

thank goodness

You know the old adage about people with anus's that are weak in spirit.

I've missed a couple good ones because I forget about it and then it catches me off guard.  I don't end up really realizing what it says until after I've already hit A.  Like, "Hey, what's up Uranus?"

I think that's how I will start greeting people.  Sometimes it's a valid question.

a good youtube journey

This morning I randomly went back to this post, which I haven't listened to in a while.  Ugh it's so good.

Then I see that one of the recommended videos is this: 

Just as satisfying, if not more just because it's all live.

So then one of the recommended videos for that was of Nicole Scherzinger doing Phantom of the Opera.  Now, I've actually loved her for a long time and always knew she was a great singer but I have never actually watched or heard her do anything like this.

I think it's funny when people criticize amazing singers who don't appear to be doing much besides standing and singing.  If you think that she isn't working her ass off to sing those notes, especially at the end, then you don't understand singing.  And Nicole is such a great example too because you know she can dance if she wants to:

It's a shame that her solo career didn't take off more.  I really liked the songs of hers that I heard.  And I could watch her in music videos for days.  She's just so beautiful.

Anyways, let this be a lesson to you, sometimes watching the recommended videos on youtube is the best thing you could do with the hour of your morning dedicated to coffee and internet.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

ready for christmas

The general consensus about this sweater seems to be that it makes me look like Christmas.  Specifically people seem to think that I should be serving baked goods while wearing it.

Of course with my short shorts it's Christmas in Miami cause you know, you only wear sweaters for show down here.  I normally would not be wearing a sweater this early to begin with but fall is already here in the eyes of work so I have to figure out a way to wear things like this in August still.

And if pretending that it's actually December is the way to do it then I will get on board.  Especially because it means I can listen to this:

As if I wasn't already...

Friday, August 10, 2012

for Jonathan

I'm going to sleep with this in my head.  Thank you for sending it to me Jonathan.

views from my run

After months of diligently dragging my ass out for a run as frequently as possible I have finally been able to extend my distance enough to include a new route.  It's very exciting.  Before I was just doing a loop on A1A and ending up back where I started, now I've widened my loop to take me all the say south to the next bridge.

So that picture is the view of the intra coastal in the opposite direction as the ones I usually post, for reference.  What's really fantastic is that my new route actually takes me along the beach.  I would take a picture but I'm always running during that part which is not conducive to picture taking.  But it is quite a view!

After crossing the bridge at Sunrise I make my way back to my apt by going along a more residential street.  By this point I'm walking (for now anyways) so it's nice to check out the homes and the landscaping.  And the canals!

I want to live there and throw block parties.

But for now I will just have to enjoy running past.  And I have been!  Especially because my new route seems to get me a lot more attention, I usually get at least one horn honk in appreciation from a passing motorist now.  Maybe it's just because I'm covering more distance than before so I'm increasing my odds.  I don't know, but I like it.

Today, however, is yoga day, so I will be getting no toot toots from anybody.  Well that's not true, I might get one from the detective.  He is the most interested in me when I'm trying to hold myself up in an awkward pose, especially if I can't defend myself from him.

Maybe I will just go for a run...