Tuesday, August 31, 2010

can i borrow $75


stormy weather

one thing that's quintessentially florida to me is the phenomenon of there still being blinding hot sunlight even in the middle of the perfect storm. It was so pretty at the beach because the light would hit the water and turn it this shocking color of green, even though the clouds overhead were dark and scary. When I was driving home I was literally going through patches of rain so hard that I couldn't see the car in front of me, then it would let up just like that and I would be in such bright sunlight that I had to put my visor down.

It's kind of trippy, and happens really frequently in florida.

i love these flowers

These are my favorite flowers in my brothers yard. They are so pretty and purple, and they bloom every morning and then fall off by midday so by the end of the day it's just an unassuming bush again. I like it because it makes me feel like it's my reward for being up early in the morning, I get to enjoy more time with these nice purple flowers!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

i love him


what a nice nice guy

poo poo patrol?

In high school we had a really crazy science teacher who made us learn all of the scientific names for shells, among many other random things. We were at a Florida zoo and they had a shell collection in the gift shop. When I saw this I had so many memories come flooding back.

For some reason this teacher would refer to detention as "poo poo patrol" and would cordon off a corner of the dry erase board and label it "P3" (p cubed). If you did anything wrong, or if he was feeling uppity at you for no reason at all, your name would get put in the box for poo poo patrol.

He was my homeroom teacher in 9th grade and one morning some middle school kids were reading their poetry during the morning announcements. Somebody sitting next to me made me laugh and he thought I was laughing at their poetry so he gave me poo poo patrol. It was the only time I ever had it. I had to stay after school and pick up trash from the student parking lot with Joel Hamilton. I remember we found a condom.

This teacher would also frequently remind us that men could get breast cancer too, and then to emphasize the point would gently cup his man boobs.

If you want to get an idea of what he was like just imagine Wendy Williams as a middle aged french canadian man. I'm not kidding, they are pretty much exactly the same person.

attack of the pink flamingos

Growing up in Florida you tend to take things like flocks of flamingos for granted. They really are amazing though. Sometimes when I am looking at crazy animals like this I think about what it must have been like to encounter them for the first time. Like, clearly the native americans who lived in Florida would have thought the flamingos were old hat, and in modern times even if you've never seen one in real life you have seen enough cartoon flamingos or plastic ones in people's yards that you know what to expect. But what did the European explorers think the first time they stumbled upon a flock of these crazy pink birds who's knees bend in the wrong direction? I woulda been like "what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck?"

I wish I had been better prepared and had captured the experience we had with these guys. Apparently they are used to being fed by people so as soon as we came around the corner they came walking right over to us like freaky dinosaurs or something. They pretty much surrounded us and just walked around in circles honking at each other and at us. They kept coming right up to our faces and looking at us right in the eye. It was kind of freaky, but also really awesome.

Now Jon and I want to get matching flamingo tattoos. I will update you all when that happens.

Friday, August 27, 2010

rip zorro

had to do one of the hardest things of life today and put down the cat that we've had for most of my life. She lived 20+ amazing years with us and will be missed very very much. haven't cried this hard in a long time.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


strawberry lemonade mmmm.

lemons, agave, strawberries, ice, vodka

she wants to start a blog too!

For the past 20 years my dad's cat couldn't have cared less about any of us. For the first part of her life she would straight up hide whenever we were around. As she got older she would be around but if you tried to touch her or pay any attention to her she would make sure you knew she was not pleased, either by bitch slapping you or hissing at you.

Now that she's absurdly old I guess she's givin in and decided that she wants to hang out with my 24/7. This was her the other night just sittin' and waiting for me to pay attention to her.

that's what she said

I'm sure there is an explanation for this but I would rather just continue being confused. We were at Home Depot looking for bathroom shelving and came upon this in the toilet section. Aren't we all looking for a toilet that has a Clean-Bowl Rinse In Biscuit?

why would you think this was a good idea

we were in traffic behind this car the other day. I can't really think of a reason why this would be appropriate. Do they play the trumpet?

i didn't even have to stand in front of a mirror to make it appear

I went on a special journey to the whole foods in downtown sarasota to get my favorite bloody mary mix that's made by McClure's. I first discovered McClures at Murray's Cheese Shop in Grand Central when I would go to visit lilly, but then found that they carried it at the whole foods on Houston as well. Meghan and I have purchased many a jar, you know, for our vitamins.
Anyways, I get to whole foods and can't find it anywhere. The only bloody mary mixer they had was disgusting and had corn syrup in it. That's the thing I don't understand about whole foods, I mean they do have a lot of things that you can't find anywhere else, like thai coconuts, but then they also have a lot of nasty stuff that is in no way good for you. So there I was in whole foods, desperate for my vitamins, with no way to satisfy my urges.

Then I remembered that we made our own bloody mary mix at Simple. I haven't done it in a year but I still remembered all the fixins, so I made my own. It was so good!!!

Tomatoes, celery, jalepeno, red onion, garlic, salt, pepper, and plenty of vitamin V. Delicious.

I sent Meghan a picture of the two glasses and she said it looked like the celery was throwing up its arms in celebration. I think we all were.

Monday, August 23, 2010

in my day...


This will be crazy, telling our grandkids about how we had these things called balloons at our birthday parties.

I guess considering that Florida won't exist when I'm an old man balloons will probably not be quite as shocking, but still!! crazy.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

early morning nyc

Here's a lovely view of nyc from the 7 platform in Queens. I had the most nightmarish trip to JFK the other morning thanks to our lovely MTA.

My normal route to the airport is taking the 6 downtown to the E, which takes me all the way to JFK. However, the other morning at 5am this was my commute:

6 to Grand Central because I was so tired and sleepy that I missed my stop at 51st street.

6 to 51st street where I discovered that the E wasn't running btwn butt fuck nowhere in Queens and downtown manhattan. It redirected me back to Grand Central.

6 to Grand Central to catch the 7, which I have never done so it involved lots of wandering around grand central station trying to avoid the crazies while I looked for the 7 train.

7 to some random stop in Queens where I had to get out and look up where the fuck I was going on my phone because none of the stops made any sense to me.

7 again to roosevelt to catch the E

E to JFK with plenty of random stops in between stops where we just sat quietly in the darkness.

If it weren't for the fact that I only had to pay $2 and some change I would be totally pissed off at the MTA

wtf is this shit?

omg i completely forgot about this until just now when i was going through the pictures in my phone.

When I left for the airport the other morning this was sitting in the downstairs of our building near the trash area. WTF?!?!

A bunch of nasty shoes and a printer with some weave on top?! Was ariel cleaning out her closets again?

it is great indeed

i blame mercury in retrograde for my troubles with flying the past few days. I was supposed to go to North Carolina to hang out with Andrew and friends at Lake Lure but I couldn't get on a flight. Then I was supposed to come down to Florida but missed my flight because I couldn't figure out how to set my alarm. I am finally in Florida after having to fly to Ft. Meyers and getting my sister to pick me up.

But the silver lining was my afternoon on the Great Lawn the other day. It was really really nice, even though I had to move my stuff like 6 different times because of gross people who felt the need to throw footballs all around me. I wouldn't mind if you wanted to throw a football right next to me if you could actually catch and throw, but most of the guys who choose to throw a football in central park are nasty wall street types who are completely uncoordinated, and I am never in the mood to get hit in the face by a football.

But I still had a wonderful afternoon in the park, made even better when Jason met up with me for some lay out time. It was really nice connecting with an old friend and made me glad that everything happens for a reason and that's why I didn't get on any of the flights I was supposed to be on.

It did make me sad about the idea of leaving new york. Isn't that always the way, just when you have your mind made up about something the universe gives you all the reasons why you're an idiot for wanting to do what you want to do. blech,

i love all of them


drag queens think they are fierce? this is out of control.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'll have what she's having

Feeling kind of bummed today for a couple different reasons, but When Harry Met Sally is on tv and it is helping take my mind off my troubles.

This scene just happened, I will never be able to watch it without laughing. Part of the reason I love this scene so much too is it always reminds me of Leah and how much she loved the old lady at the end. This of course always makes me think of how much she loved the guy in Happy Gilmore who randomly says, "you can do it Happy, Shooter's gonna choke". Why this was Leah's favorite line I don't know, but it was and she would rewind and watch it over and over again.

Jon doesn't like When Harry Met Sally, I think because it has too many white people in it. I don't understand how he can't love it though. Meg Ryan is so adorable and I love the little stories with the old people intertwined. Even if they were just actors and not real couples they are still really sweet stories.

I also appreciate that Meg Ryan says that your biological clock doesn't start ticking until you are 37. And that was back in the 80s, so now your biological clock shouldn't start ticking until you're like 40 right? Although, if I go to my real idol, Marissa Tomei in My Cousin Vinnie then my biological clock should already be ticking. Hmmm, now I want to go shopping online for backless floral print body suits.

cupcakes good

Apparently M. Rhors house of coffee and teas is finally going out of business which is a sad event indeed. However, this prompted us to go around the corner for coffee at my favorite bakery ever, Two Little Red Hens on the UES.

The bad thing was that I was so full from breakfast with Rachel that I couldn't even think about stuffing my face with cupcakes, but oh how I wanted to. It's called an american bakery, which explains the abundance of buttercream frosting. All of their cakes look so magical and delicious, it makes me wish that I could go on an all cake diet.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

whoa check out these guys


i love all of them.

Follow up


posting about Mariah has caused a flood of delightful stories to find their way to my inbox. This is a recent article about how Mariah responded to Christina drinking the haterade and dissing her.

This is why I love Mariah, she's too good.

like a magical disney movie


i like the part where it says that the bears were friends with all other kinds of woodland creatures!!! This sounds so nice, I want to live in a world like this.

and then there was this


I do remember liking her but I'm uncomfortable with this. It just seems really odd and specific. Are we sure this isn't a front for something else?

don't ask don't tell

I'm getting ready for work and I have Paula Deen on in the background. She starts the episode by pulling the camera in close and whispering that her show today is going to be about secrets. She says she's going to try to find out some secrets from her "dirty little boys" and invites her sons to help her cook. When they did the preview of the recipes she was going to make they also showed her asking her son if he had any secrets and he looked at the camera with this extremely hilarious look.

Now my friend Brittany says that either one or both of her sons are gay and I've always said I didn't think so, but after seeing this I could not stop laughing and realized that maybe I've been blind to the obvious all along. When I did a google search for paula deen's sons being gay I couldn't come up with any good videos. In fact I had a hard time coming up with much of anything in the way of hilarious paula videos outside of her getting hit in the face with the ham. I finally settled on this photograph. There was actually another picture in the google images of one of her sons kissing another man but I still couldn't resist this portrait of beauty.

But after searching on the topic I did discover many other conversations on the internet on the subject of Paula's sons being gay or not. Apparently brittany wasn't the only one who thought this, but there was still no resolution to the subject. There seemed to be pictures of one of her sons with a woman and a baby, I assume they are his family, so that's score one for me, but I think the rumors circle around the youngest one.

I must find out more.

all in your mind

Last night I was reading something online that had a "quote" from Mariah Carey about how when she sees starving children on tv it makes her sad because she wishes she could be skinny like that. Jon directed me to a website (http://www.snopes.com/quotes/carey.asp) that explained that she never actually said this but it has followed her since the 90s.

In this same article the author says that Mariah became successful by churning out vapid pop songs and that there is no real reason why she is famous besides her relationship with the head of the record studio she was signed with.


I can accept if you just don't like Mariah, as Laura says, "the whistle thing creeps me out", but you can't deny that there is a reason she is wildly successful. I mean, she has a 5 octave range!!! She don't play.

I was still thinking about this this morning so I wanted to post this clip from when she was on SNL back in the 90s. Lets first have a discussion about everything that's going on with her below the waist. The jeans, the socks, the shoes, i don't know how to react, I have too many feelings.

But the important thing here is how amazing she is. And that she had to sing in secret because she was afraid of getting in trouble. Can you imagine anybody getting mad at Mariah for singing? Rihanna maybe, but not Mariah.

While I was posting this Craig sent me this which makes me sad. It was my favorite cleaners ever!! Why'd they have to go and turn their back on what made them amazing? http://evgrieve.com/2010/08/on-avenue-a-flower-replaces-armpit.html

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

bad girls bad girls

I'm still sad that Morgan is no longer in it and now after tonight I'm scared that Kristen is going to go home too. Who's next, Cat? That can't happen, I won't let it.

If you didn't ever get to meet Paige she's kind of like all of the baddest/best bitches from the bad girls club. I always thought that she reminded me of Natalie from last season, but she's also got a lot in common with Morgan. Basically she was like the pretty girl that you really wanted to be friends with until you were friends with her and you realized that she was actually kind of crazy so you just try to stay on her good side because all you know is you don't want to be on her bad side.



Monday, August 16, 2010

driving to the airport in style

My sister took me to the airport this morning in her sweet new ride. This is us coming around the curve where 41 and 301 split apart. I love looking out at the boats on the marina and then coming up on the giant mirrored building in downtown sarasota. I also really wanted to highlight the fact that I could do a full panorama view with no obstructions : p

i also love the minnie mouse antenna topper

can i borrow $8.95 please


Sunday, August 15, 2010

check out this nice guy

I was hanging out at my sisters and looked out the window and saw this handsome guy creepin' around. He had his whole face buried in a pile of leaves and dirt when I was trying to take his picture. I got pretty close before he heard me and just sat up and gave me the cutest look. I'm glad I managed to get this because I only had a moment before he turned and waddled back in to the bushes where he came from.

I love Florida wildlife.

the best way to cruise around Florida

my sister got a new car and I am incredibly jealous. I mean, it doesn't get much better than a red convertible. She took us on a night drive to the beach that was incredibly fun. So fun in fact that we forgot to actually go to the beach and instead just drove around in a big circle, from south Siesta Key to North Siesta and back. I thought my sister just wanted to show off he sweet ride but apparently she genuinely forgot that we were going to the beach.

In case anybody has any questions about my idiosyncrasies you just need to spend a few hours with my family and suddenly it will all makes sense.

nice lady

this was the best picture i could get because she's a fancy lady who does not like the paparazzi attention. I've always wanted to introduce her to the detective, I think they would have a lot to talk about. They are both moody, they both like to nap, and they both yell really loud when they want food.

My favorite thing about her is that she sits with her feet pointed in different directions like a little ballet dancer. She's a delicate princess.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

why can't i do this?


this is my new goal in life

luxury thy name is pontiac

Part of the reason I came down to Florida this weekend is to try and sell this beauty. My grandfather bought this van several years ago so he could use it to transport tools and shit when he went to do handyman stuff at my father's restaurant or my brothers house. Our family has had a tumultuous relationship with this beast, many of us being stuck driving it for extended periods of time. I think my sister was even living out of this van for a summer, which is not impossible as it has a ridiculously cavernous interior. When I had to move back to Florida a few years ago the van was my primary vehicle for 6 glorious months. Nothing says, "hey check me out, i'm in my early 20's and am wildly successful at this thing called life" like a white pontiac minivan with a WWII veteran license plate.

This van has taken our family all over these continental unites states. It's been to and from Rochester NY, San Antonio TX, Virginia, NYC, Michigan, and God knows where else. In some ways it's sad to be putting it up on the chopping block, but in many other ways I'll be glad to see it go. The good news (for me) is that my grandfather is letting me keep the money from it so I can put it towards a vehicle that's a little more me-friendly. So if anybody out there on the internets needs a pimpin' van let me know.

Friday, August 13, 2010

a gift from carol

it says its white zinfandel but it looks more like a rose to me. My dad has this wacky neighbor named carol who either loves me or greatly distrusts me. At any rate, she gave my dad a bottle of wine one time and he told her that he didn't really like wine but that I did so he would give it to me. Ever since then she randomly leaves bottles of wine with my father for him to give to me. I think it's really sweet.

I think she likes me because I told her she could call me if she ever needed to after she spent 45 minutes telling me about how she kept getting weird gifts left for her on her doorstep. She said it would usually be something really strange like a can of peas wrapped up in ribbon, or a single slice of pie on a plate. The most disconcerting was a nicely wrapped package that contained some sexy ladies underwear and a second place blue ribbon. Because she's quite old and lives alone I told her that she could always call over to our place if she was scared that some creepo was outside and I would check it out for her. At the time she seemed very grateful but I think she has since forgotten all about it, but she still leaves me wine gifts.

So if you need me i'll be watching scary tv shows on my dad's weirdo channels that he gets and losing myself in a glass of the finest zinfandel i've ever had, which i can say with certainty as i think the only other time I've drunk zinfandel was out of a box.

yay grammar graffiti!

This was written on an advertisement in the 96th street 6 stop. The first things says, "Catiro was hear" and then underneath in red it says, "I hear you can't spell".

Gave me a good laugh early this morning.

pushing buttons

When I was leaving for the airport this morning at 5:45 a.m. I got all the way downstairs before I remembered that I wanted to bring my Organic Avenue/Tayisha Busay water bottle with me. I went all the way back upstairs to get it and then stood outside of the elevator for like 5 minutes waiting for it. I was thinking, "I can't believe that it's taking this long for the elevator to get back up here, there must be somebody else in the building who needed to leave this ridiculously early". Then I realized that I had pushed the button but apparently not hard enough, and the elevator was there the whole time.

Initially I was irritated, why do I have to press the elevator buttons 400 times before they register? But then I was thinking about it and I feel like being able to push buttons every day would have been my ideal living situation when I was 5 years old. Growing up in the flattest place on earth I rarely ever got to ride in an elevator, so my button pushing experiences were limited to electronics and vending machines.

Now I get to push a button every time I enter or exit my home. That's pretty snazzy eh? Like living in the Jetsons or some shit.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

haven't we all been there?


you're trying to do the right thing, but inevitably you end up crashing in to a barn.

miss cleo miss miss miss miss cleo

ok so I posted earlier abour ms. cleo and Jon sent me this video. When I asked him where he found it or why he knew about it he said, "I was searching for videos of Ms. Cleo and I found it"

happy birthday ms. cleo

Thank you dlisted.com for informing me that today is Ms. Cleo's birthday!!! I'm really glad that I'm old enough to remember when these ads were on tv, she always reminded me of our bus driver from 7th grade who would stop at the grocery store and let us all get out and by candy and soda before she took us the rest of the way home. She was awesome.

Ms. Cleo also makes me think of Laura and how she used to work as a phone in psychic. She said it sounds better than it really is and that most of the time you are just talking to really sad people who sincerely think you can give them some guidance in their life. She said that people would ask her really horrible questions like "should I leave my husband" and she would have to answer, knowing that her completely uninformed answer would shape the course of this persons life.

At least Ms. Cleo didn't actually have to deal with this kind of inner turmoil since she never actually answered any calls. That's true right? I seem to remember hearing that, that she was just a personality and didn't actually do the actual phone answering. Kind of like Dr. Phil, just the face of the empire, without any real credentials or reasons for why they are allowed to dish out advice to people. Only Dr. Phil is more insidious, at least Ms. Cleo has a Jamaican accent. How are you not going to listen to somebody who sounds like Sebastian from the little mermaid?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

i hate new york

This picture is actually from the beginning of the summer but like I told Laura, I was too ashamed to take a picture of my roach adventure from today. I took these pictures to use against our landlords somehow for making us live in squalor. This roach was on the wall right by the elevator door, and didn't move or anything when I was taking his picture. He was about 3-4 inches long from the tips of his absurdly long antennae to his back legs. I was convinced he was going to fly at me, which is the only time I really get freaked out by roaches.
This morning however I dealt with a small infestation of roaches in the grossest of locations ever. It was really traumatizing. So for background, the apt buildings next to ours have been abandoned for several years but now they are renovating them because the 2nd avenue subway is going in and they want to make them all nice. So while they've been renovating we have been getting a flood of newly homeless creepy crawlies in our building. It seems like as long as we keep things really clean they don't get too bad, but even so we see bugs constantly. The worst is around kitty's food, especially because he couldn't care less about them. I'll seriously see a bug and he'll be sitting there and the bug will run right past him and I'll point at the bug and kitty will follow my finger and try to sniff my finger but completely ignore the insect.
So for a while we had kitty's food in the kitchen but it just seemed too easy a place for roaches to live anyways without leaving bowls of food out for them to feast on. We moved his food bowls in to the living room next to the cupboard where I keep all of my extra bedding (winter blankets, extra sheets, etc) and the problem seemed to be solved.
Well cut to today when I go to get a fresh set of sheets out, I open the doors of the cupboard and see two roaches go scurrying UNDERNEATH MY POTTERY BARN COMFORTER!!! ugh. I took out every single item of bedding and shook them out and thank goodness there were none in there or i would have freaked out, now I just have to wash all of my bedding which is going to be a pain in the ass.
The really gross part was when I finally emptied the cupboard and was able to pull it away from the wall and found their secret hiding place. I'm not crazy in to the whole ahimsa thing but I generally try not to kill bugs and things if I can. I just feel like, it's not their fault that I think they are horrible, they're just trying to do their thing. But this was too much, it was just so gross. I had to go out and by the most toxic roach poison I could possibly find and I just drench the entire area until nothing was moving anymore.
I was debating whether or not I wanted to post about this or not, but Laura told me that I should because any new yorker can relate to the fight against vermin, which I thought was a good point. But just like the picture of the mummies remains in the palm springs toilet, there are some images that I just can't cope with being on my blog. I didn't want to subject you all to the reality of the swarm of roaches living behind my cupboard so I instead posted this one gigantic super roach in hopes that it would give you some indication of the horror that is NYC apt living.
I was on the phone with my Dad while I was spraying them down with poison and told him what I was doing. His response was, "Between that and the bed bugs I can see why you're always so anxious to get back to NYC".

Did I do this?


I know nathanael can drive me crazy but I didn't think I would take it this far

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another excuse to go to krispy kreme every day


can you imagine?! I would probably not say anything but drive around and get back in line to re-order the doughnuts I had originally ordered. I mean come on, you'd still want doughnuts right? and now they're on the house!

this makes me feel better


my favorite is the one of the wiener dogs in the banana costumes!!

I love her!!!


In the wake of the jetblue guy I would also like to give a round of applause to this girl for her dramatic quitting of a job.

Like Farrah's death being overshadowed by Michael, I feel that this girl will be overshadowed by crazy beer grabbing emergency exit leaving flight attendants.

At least she's not going to federal prison.

summer cold

Of course I go to the desert and catch a cold. I hate summer colds so much, I feel like a cold in the wintertime makes sense, an excuse to eat nothing but soup and pour a dash (half cup) of whiskey in your tea. In the summertime though it's just miserable. Nothing feels right, you're constantly uncomfortable, and worst of all is you know you're missing valuable outdoor time while you're laying in bed praying for death.

I've been making myself iced mint tea and drinking it by the gallon. I think that I must have gotten really dehydrated in Palm Springs. I guess I should have been more careful and forced myself to drink tons of water but I was living the dream, greyhounds from dawn till dusk.

Well I'm paying for it now. Spent yesterday in a NyQuil haze and today is not going much better. Wish me luck with the rest of my shift at work.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Wind Power

On the route to Palm Springs we passed through windmill valley. It was incredible!! I guess living in nyc you lose touch with the realities of the rest of the country, but it was so cool to see something like this.

It was also magically hypnotizing, like watching a bunch of pinwheels. It kind of reminded me of simcity or starcraft or something like that, with all these lazy spinning turbines that look to uniform to be possible.

I tried to take a video to show the scope of them but it didn't really come out I think because it was too bright outside. But they were on either side of the road for a good 5 miles just spinning away.

haven't we all wanted to do this?


my first thought was that it had to be Jon.

best thing i've read in a long time


Happy All Snouts Eve!!!!

Laura's boy sent her a text message that was supposed to say, "i really enjoyed All About Eve" but instead said, "i really enjoyed All Snout Eve" because of the joys of auto correct. This is how my new favorite holiday of all time was born. I can't wait until next year when we can really celebrate all the festivities of All Snouts Eve.

Palm Springs

I've once again slacked off from my goal of a post a day, and for that i apologize. I really need to figure out how to post from my phone, if anybody knows how to work the droid and can help me that would be awesome.

So after the Tayisha Busay show on thursday night I hopped on an early morning flight to Burbank where Laura whisked me away to Palm
Springs. We were lucky enough to stay at Terra's amazing condo, though most of our time was spent at the Ace hotel. The condo was something straight out of the wonderful wild 1980's. Almost every wall was one solid mirror from ceiling to floor, and there was plenty of glass coffee tables for all of your 1980's needs (wink wink). We did run in some trouble after disturbing the mummy's tomb in the guest bathroom. Apparently the water had been mistakenly shut off, which wasn't a big deal until we discovered what could only have been fossilized something in the guest bathroom toilet. We called the water company which led to a wonderful friday night of crawling through the bushes around the outside of somebody else's condo looking for "a box in the ground with a lever". The impatient water emergency phone operator could only take so much of us not understanding his vague and unhelpful directions so he finally obliged to send somebody out to help us. I fell asleep on the couch watching a vhs of Pretty Woman that I found in what I was hoping was going to be a liquor cabinet.

The rest of the weekend was spent poolside at the Ace, which was super cool. Laura described Palms Springs as an oasis in the middle of the desert, and it was the perfect way to put it. Laying by the pool in 100+ temperatures and seeing the mountains rising up in the distance. I definitely felt very bicoastal jetting to Palm Springs for a weekend of poolside revelry before hopping a red-eye back to nyc. Now I need to go wash the chlorine out of my hair.

Friday, August 6, 2010

tayisha busay can you dig it

Ariel doing what Ariel does best. Tayisha Busay performed at Sugarland tonight, I had the honor of getting naked and sticking gitter on my body with elmers glue for the occasion.

They rocked it out as usual, turning a humdrum thursday night in to a head banging good time. I was pleased that they did all the crowd favorites, as well as some new stuff. Tonight's performance was hosted by a fabulous drag queen, and unexpectedly featured a throw down between her and some straight guys that lost their way and ended up in the bar. Other highlights from the night included a nice doggy that was at the bar for some reason, and a gogo boy who had a 12 year olds body and a 50 year olds face.

I'm still picking the glitter scabs off of my body as Ariel and I close out our night watching reruns of baywatch. Headed to the airport in a few hours, wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

repeal of prop 8

I was thinking about the repeal of prop 8 and my mind went to this book that I am currently reading about the history of prohibition. What's really interesting about the book is that he discusses the many factors that went in to the passing of prohibition laws, including the suffrage movement and african american rights.

What's really crazy is how recently in history all of these things took place. Meghan took us on a tour of the American Woman exhibit that's going on at the Met right now and it was similarly eye opening in terms of how recent all of these things were. I mean, prohibition and womens rights issues were all going on less than 100 years ago! It's incredible when you really consider it, especially compared to the greater picture of human life.

So here we are, less than a hundred years after women were given the rights promised to them under the constitution, and we are now getting ready to accept homosexuals as well. It makes me wonder what things will happen in my life that will make me say, "wow, I never thought I'd see the day" because it seems like that day is coming and going. We have an african american president, gays can marry, women can vote, there's only so much more equality left to achieve.

but that's pretty cool huh?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

today yoga was a spectator sport

This was a compromise really. He was all over the place today, waiting until I was in some compromising position and then sticking his big butt in my face or biting my wrists. At some point he laid down next to the mat but would still move so that he could either stare me in the eye or hit me with his tail.

i also like how he looks like he is actually dead save for the murderous glint in his eyes

oh that's where she's been

I noticed this sign several years ago actually, but just saw it again and it still makes me laugh. This is at 86th st. and Lexington and it's been up there for at least 5 years because I remember seeing it when I used to live on 85th. At least back then it was a little more relevant, I feel like it hadn't been that long since we heard from Jewel, but to see it now was just too funny.

Was this the name of one of her albums or is it just letting us know that if we really need to get our hands on some Jewel albums they are just this way in best buy? Either way, I'm going to go listen to some classic Jewel.