Monday, November 3, 2014

it's cold here

Just in time for me to have to wear a suit every day to work.  Not so fun for my weekend off though.  Saturday I decided to stay in and reorganize my closet, a project which was very necessary.  Unfortunately the power went out on my block right around dusk, and my closet reorganization came to a halt.

The project was harder to get back in to yesterday, and so here we find ourselves on Monday morning with piles of clothes on my couch in my living room.  At least I gained an hour of work this morning.
And I still managed to enjoy some of my day yesterday.  I went for a run and spied these bathing beauties:

There are a few things you can count on when the temperature drops.  Iguanas are one, snowbirds are another.

Hopefully they are going to come shopping soon.

Oh by the way, I forgot, here is your calendar page for this month:

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