Tuesday, November 4, 2014

look at this door!

I spotted it on my run today.  I would like a house with a door like that.

Monday, November 3, 2014

it's cold here

Just in time for me to have to wear a suit every day to work.  Not so fun for my weekend off though.  Saturday I decided to stay in and reorganize my closet, a project which was very necessary.  Unfortunately the power went out on my block right around dusk, and my closet reorganization came to a halt.

The project was harder to get back in to yesterday, and so here we find ourselves on Monday morning with piles of clothes on my couch in my living room.  At least I gained an hour of work this morning.
And I still managed to enjoy some of my day yesterday.  I went for a run and spied these bathing beauties:

There are a few things you can count on when the temperature drops.  Iguanas are one, snowbirds are another.

Hopefully they are going to come shopping soon.

Oh by the way, I forgot, here is your calendar page for this month:

Saturday, November 1, 2014

rabbit rabbit rabbit

In honor of my sister getting these two adorable rabbits I had to do a post.  I can't believe I went the entire month without posting anything.  Actually, I can believe it.  There were only a few times that I realized I hadn't posted anything in days...weeks...a month.  Lets just say October was a crazy month that I didn't really feel like posting about.

I still can't really believe I am at a new job yet.  Last week was four long excruciation days of training.  My favorite screenshot was this:

It was a list of made up sales associates, that had to be intentional.  There is someone who works on the training videos for Saks who is a die hard Seinfeld fan.

Otherwise training was grueling.  Just long hours of watching training modules.  Most of it was fairly easy for me, which of course made me feel guilty for abandoning my old job.  I would never have been qualified for this one if it weren't for the things I'd learned there.  I'm nervous about this new one though.  As much as it's the same as my last job there are a lot of ways that it's very different.

I'm off today and tomorrow and then go in Monday for my first day on the floor.  Wish me luck.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

a day of beauty

The detective and I both had appointments to get our hair cut today, he was not as relaxed as he could have been.  This was his first time riding in my mini and I was surprised that he stayed in my lap the entire time.  Usually he creeps and crawls around the footwell area whenever he goes for car rides.

I take the detective to a guy named Mario who refers to him as his baby.  Mario's english isn't the best so when the haircut was over this was the text I got:

I think he meant "baby is ready".  I hope that's what he meant.  There seems to be some things lost in translation between us.  I did not intend for the detective to get a lion cut today but when he emerged from his carrier he was several pounds lighter than I expected.  I feel bad, like I should have gotten my head shaved in solidarity.

Monday, September 15, 2014

the hustler of AC

Someone had to be cause it certainly wasn't me.  Apparently I was getting in trouble for taking pictures but I didn't care.  It was worth it for the shot.

The wedding was nice, it was full of teary eyed moments.  It was also weird to see so many people from college, like a reunion in disguise.

And just like that I'm done with my travel.  Nothing on the horizon besides getting back in to my routine.  I'm excited for the new View today before work and then tomorrow will be Laura's first day.
Oh I will also pay my first car payment next week, so there's that to look forward to too.  -__-