Friday, February 28, 2014

I might have to crack this open

I had been saying that I wanted a giant swirly lollipop for a while so when Elliot went to Disney he got this for me.

It's better than I ever could have hoped for.

My concern is that I'm going to have to dedicate several hours to this sucker (no pun intended) if I want to get through it in one sitting.  That's why I decided to save it for my road trip up to Sarasota in March.  Hopefully I can take photographic documentation of my progress through this lollipop.

I'm sure Daniel will be really excited about this project.  I'll try to keep my drooling to a minimum since we'll be in his fancy new car.  Thankfully I'll have Ben to do his own drooling and distract from mine.

love these

Thank you Meghan for sending me this, I love it. You should really click on the link and read all of them, it's what different famous performers ask for in their riders.

  I was torn between posting Mariah's and Britney's, so I decided to post both.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

its a camry thing

On my way to work the other day my truck came to a slow unsteady stop, apparently due to a defunct radiator.  This time I'm thanking my lucky stars for having the right coverage that everything is taken care of.  And while I wait for them to build my new radiator in Detroit (motor city) I get to cruise around in a 2014 Camry.  I laughed as soon as I saw it because it is the same car Heather's company gave her, so I couldn't wait to get home and freak her out with her car twin.

The only difference that we've figured out is that mine has a back up camera and hers doesn't.  It is really nice, I have to admit.  But actually, the car itself is pretty nice.  There is something very comfortable about it.  I never knew.

I'd have to get a different color though, the matchy matchiness is too weird.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

aaahhhhh!!!! : (((((

Thank you Meghan for sending this to me.

His little hands!!!  Moving so fast : (((((

And the nice dog just like, "wtf".

Uggghhhhhh I love this video.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

how is this comfortable?

When I sit at the kitchen counter to use my computer that cat feels the need to come and sit in my lap.  The problem is the combination of his restlessness with his large body, causing him to be unable to just sit calmly in my lap.  Instead it's either sit by passively and feel his body start to slip off to the side, followed by his claws slowly digging in to my thigh to steady himself, or I have to add my arm to the side of my leg to provide more surface area for him.  As soon as he gets comfortable he rests his chin on the edge of the counter like that.


His head is stretched so far up so he can do that!

And everything about this scenario is his choice.  I only facilitate him by providing a lap area that he can actually relax on.  Why is he so so weird?

I hear it's snowing again

Meanwhile down here it literally couldn't be any nicer.  No humidity, temps in the high 70's.  

The time of the year when the little voice in my head is just saying, "yeah, you made a good choice".

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

haha thanks Meghan

You're right, it could easily be the detective's diary.  Except he would never be interested in squirrels, or insects, but the all of the parts about assuming he had been left to die sound pretty accurate.

Monday, February 17, 2014

spending the day with my friends

Daniel invited me to meet his new service dog Zeus, and his friend Garry for lunch.  Of course I jumped at the opportunity, as it meant I also got to visit all my other friends at the doggy park.  Some of the little dogs I knew, but this was my first time getting to meet this special guy:

We became best best friends.

I also came to really enjoy this one:

She spent most of our time together barking at me and giving me a suspicious side eye.  At some point I realized I didn't hear her incessant barking any more and I looked around to find her like this, half laying down, half standing.  She's nice.

I also really liked this special character:

Sitting in the fancy princesse bed just howling and howling for no reason.  It sounded like a cars engine revving up, so funny!

Haha : (

After I spent my time with the little dogs I got to go back and spend time with the big dogs, including the new special man Zeus:

Haha, Daniel in there for scale.  Zeus is a Cane Corso which is apparently a very big manly breed of dog.  All I know is that he's very very handsome and he's very very nice.

Look at that head!  He's a beast!  

After Zeus I got to see Yeti for a little bit:

before I got to spend time with the greyhounds, my favorite part of the day.

Haha.  Champion likes to grab things and hoard them in his area that he's claimed as his own.  He kept going for my cell phone so it was hard for me to take a selfie with him.  I got one ok one though:

It showcases his silly underbite.  I love him.

My old friend Humvee got the best picture in my opinion:

But I can't help but be partial to Ben:

I mean, it's a handsome name for a handsome dog.

I hate visiting the dogs because now when I drive to work and pass the intersection where I could go straight and get to work or turn right and visit with them I will seriously have to consider which to do.  I mean, I could scoop poop for nickels and just hang out with the nice doggies all day long.  That doesn't sound so bad...

Saturday, February 15, 2014

the death of my watch

It just barely got caught on the edge of one of the shelves in the stockroom and just fell off my wrist.  At first I couldn't even figure out what had happened.  It certainly looks violent.

Let's all hope that this falls within my warranty!

finally, a shop for me

Sometimes getting stuck in traffic allows you the opportunity to see things like this that you pass every day without realizing.

Those are some sexy loafers.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

a juicy beach day

It's been really beautiful weather down here lately and yesterday I got to take advantage with a beach day with my friend Mark.

I even treated myself to a juice pit stop on my way.  Now I go back to work with a golden tan, knowing whatever happens I'm off again tomorrow : )

Monday, February 3, 2014

magical dream date

For some reason it came up in conversation that Mike and I both liked trying different beers and we decided we should hang at one of the various places around town that specialize in beers on tap.  When he texted me on Friday I wasn't really thinking about the fact that we were making plans to hang out for our friday night.  It ended up being a really good time and reminded me of the last time I went on a magical dream date, 4 YEARS AGO.

Maybe it also reminded me of my last magical dream date because Amy is the last blogger I have had the pleasure of spending an evening with.  Mike does a video blog which I'm a little envious of.  I really like the way he puts his together, but hearing and seeing myself on video reminds me why I was never able to make the video blog thing happen:

Still it was fun to be a part of his blog, and to have him make a guest appearance on mine.  And it inspires me to plan more magical dream dates with people.

Elliot, I'm coming for ya!


He says, "It relaxes me to have my head jammed in to the corner like this".


Oh and thank you Meghan for finding this incredible likeness of him.  Yes, he must have spent some time in the Netherlands.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

rabbit rabbit rabbit

Sorry, I'm a day late.  Was all over the place yesterday, I think this is the first first of the month that I've missed.


I like my calendar page for today:

What I don't like is this little jab they included for the month:

The other day at work Moya was like, "I have a very special favor to ask you".  It was to switch shifts on the 14th so she could open and I would close.  Because she knew I wouldn't have plans anyways.


Whatever, now I close with Gala so she said she would be my valentine.