Wednesday, November 30, 2011

it was only a matter of time

I knew I'd find Nathanael on erotic photo hunt eventually, I just wasn't prepared to be so dazzled by his beauty.  He's a delicate tropical bloom.

It was terribly overcast yesterday morning so Jon and I holed ourselves in the bar and played video games for most of the afternoon.  Joel met us before he had to go to work, which reminded me of the amazing dumplings they have at his restaurant so Jon and I ended up following him there where we spent several hours eating lots and lots of food.

You would have too if you'd been there with us, good food and good surroundings are hard to say no to.

We had grand plans of doing something exciting today, we even discussed flying to San Juan, but judging by our slow start I think we will probably just end up at the beach here.  It's beautiful outside now so I don't have a problem with it.  Maybe I can convince Jon to go with me down to south beach, maybe.

Either way, I'm enjoying my time off of work.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

a nice day off

I had a nice day off yesterday thanks to new florida friends that know how to show a boy a good time.  Joel and I had lunch downtown and then walked through a park as seen here.  I love how many secret nooks and hideaways there are down here.

After hanging out with Joel I stopped by and said hi to Jed before he went out of town again.  I've not been to their house at sunset, it's really fantastic.

Besides me being distracted by their lexus and smashing in to a flower pot when I was pulling in it was a really nice visit.

I had just the right amount of fun yesterday which, compounded with my lack of sleep, provided for me to drift off early last night and get a great night's sleep.

I'm glad too because Jon came to visit bright and early this morning so we'll be having a fun filled next couple of days.

Yay friends!  : )

Monday, November 28, 2011

I could go for some of this right about now

I've so been looking forward to sleeping in today and having a wonderful day off but instead I was woken up at 7 by my upstairs neighbors vibrating cell phone alarm which he apparently left on while he was showering.  He also, I can only assume, leaves his phone on some kind of metal table which sits on his tile floors thus amplifying the vibrations to an obnoxious level in my apartment.

The good news is that I caught him getting in to his car and he was very apologetic and said he didn't even realize the alarm vibrated and that he would turn it off.

So now I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, or waking up from my propofol induced coma whenever I wake up.  I just need to figure out where I can get my hands on some of that sweet sweet dream sauce.

bad influence

I'm a little sad that I had to give Mia back to my neighbor but I also feel like it's for the best as the detective was doing nothing but teaching her how to be bad.

I hope they can still have play dates in the future.  Even if we don't plan them it seems like they will get together on their own as they both seem to have the same agenda:  escape!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

suddenly best friends

At some point in the middle of the night they became best friends.

I went in to my closet and found this hilarious scene:

The detective has figured out that if he goes up high enough she won't be able to get to him, but I guess he didn't figure that she would climb up my suitcase in her never ending pursuit of him.

How can he resist her when she's so adorable?!

She's a precious precious angel : (

The only thing I don't like is how the detective will ONLY eat her kitten food and she will ONLY eat his food.  I literally had to place them like this with their heads pointing towards their food until they both started eating:

Then I went to get my shoes and when I came back out they were like this:

I give up.

the best thing that happened to me all day

One of my coworkers said she thought this woman was carrying around a giant wig.

This was the nicest little doggy you could ever hope to see.  She literally just laid there like a little baby, just looking around and smiling and not bothering anybody.  Her owner was holding her like that with one arm while she shopped with the other.

When I asked if I could take her picture her owner said, "sure, she loves the attention".


Ugggghhhh I want a nice doggy just like her : (

Friday, November 25, 2011

I heard you like adorable kittens

So my neighbor found this tiny precious angel a few weeks ago and has been keeping it while she figures out what to do with it.  She was telling me that she feels bad because she had to board her while she was out of town and would have to again over this thanksgiving holiday, so I offered to watch her instead.

I got her on wednesday right before I had to go to work so I did a quick sweep of the apt to make sure there wasn't anything she could hurt herself with and then I left, hoping the detective wouldn't destroy her.  He didn't seem too keen on her at the time.  The first thing he did was hiss in her face, then he ran over to her litter box and peed in it and then laid down and ignored her.

But yesterday I had the day off so I got to hang out with them with both all day long.

It's so different to have a little kitten that likes to play and enjoy life, instead of that big angry cat who doesn't want you to touch him or look at him.

Although I do see a glint of anger in her eyes, I'm worried that the detective might start to rub off on her.  He spent the majority of the past few days sitting in the corner glaring at her like this:

Like a horrible gargoyle.

And for some reason the little kitten is only interested in eating his food and he is only interested in eating the kitten food so I've had to resort to feeding them like this:

That's also the only way I can get a picture of both of them at the same time.  By distracting them with food.

Actually, at some point last night they apparently became best friends as they have been playing together all morning.  The detective will be laying there flipping his big tail when all of a sudden out of nowhere the little kitten will pounce and the detective lets out an irritated groan.  Or the kitten will be playing with something (usually her own tail) and the detective will come barreling at her, stop inches away from her face, and then run and hide in the closet.

Jon put it best when he described the detective as a bully.  It's why I kind of enjoy having this little kitten around to keep him in check.

And she's ADORABLE : (

It's going to be hard to leave and go to work today, besides the fact that I'm not looking forward to black friday madness.  Did you hear about the woman who pepper sprayed people for an xbox?  Craziness.

Wish me luck getting through today so I can take more photos of this little kitty before I give her back to my neighbor.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

this shit is AMAZING

I've been so busy with work that I've barely been able to play it but what I have played has been so friggin cool!!!  When I got the sword I seriously said, "this is so cool" out loud to kitty who then gave me a disgruntled look.

I'm having the most fun just running around frantically through the town that Link lives in, enjoying not knowing my way around.  Whenever I replay an older game like Ocarina of Time I think about how I know every map like the back of my hand and I can just barely remember what it was like to be overwhelmed by the newness of it all.  I remember Hyrule field being so expansive but otherwise the villages and dungeons are like old friends at this point.  But now I have a whole new world to explore, and it's AMAZEBALLS!!!

I'm also glad that games are finally hiring better writers to work on them, there have already been several points where I laughed out loud at Skyward Sword.  This was my favorite by far:

If things keep going the way they have where I only have like 20 minutes at a time to play this then I anticipate I'll be done with the game at some point in 2014.

But it's better that way anyways, I'm savoring it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

sweet relief

Whenever I go for a run this view is my waiting to exhale moment.  I don't know how else to secure my apt when I leave to I lock it and then hide the keys in a super secret place outside, but I'm always paranoid that somebody is watching and waiting for me to leave so they can take everything I own.

I actually usually forget all about it while I'm on my run but then as I'm crossing the last bridge before I get home I start wondering if my car will be there or not.  So far so good but I feel like it's only a matter of time before my system fails.

What do other people do with their house keys when they go for a run?  I tried tying it on to my shoelace once but it just caused my shoes to come untied and my key to get lost.  Beyond that I'm at a loss for ideas.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Bill and Jed's excellent adventure

Bill and Jed invited me to come to brunch with them at a friends house.  Silly me for not assuming that we would be travelling by boat.

I love the canals here.  I'm just finally starting to learn my way around by car but once on the canals it's like a whole new world.

And what was cool about their boat that was different than my halloween boat adventure is that Bill and Jed's boat is small enough to fit under even the shortest bridges so we could go through more of the neighborhoods as opposed to staying just in the intra coastal.  Great for peeping at people's homes.

Speaking of, the house we ended up at for brunch was actually the same one from the halloween party, and it's seriously one of the most amazing homes I've ever had the pleasure of being in. I couldn't really take pictures the night of the party because it was too dark and full of people.  Yesterday, however, I got sneak some pics with the owners approval.

Behind the giant curtains is an amazing outdoor area where we had brunch.  If I lived here I would spend every waking moment out here.  Wouldn't you?  This was the view looking out:

It's like the Golden Girls lanai for the modern man.

Coming back to this house also meant that I got to see this nice nice guy again:

I had to sneak that picture because he is apparently terribly camera shy.  When he would see me taking his picture he would give me a dirty look as he got up and walked away from me:


After a delicious brunch we headed back out on the boat to an area in the intra coastal known as 'the lake'.

I guess normally there are lots of people out enjoying the area but yesterday it was really just us and another boat full of hookers.  Well, we assumed they were hookers judging by their large exposed breasts.  Regardless they were my heroes.

We enjoyed a couple hours of lazily drifting on the lake before our day of brunching and booze cruising had to come to an end.

Though the drive back was swift it was also beautiful with the sun setting behind the clouds.

I don't know how I'm so fortunate to have friends that invite me on adventures like this.

Thanks guys!

: )

Sunday, November 20, 2011

For Jon

And I agree Jonathan, Oprah's face is amazing.

Last night I got in to a drunken fight with some gays about Mariah (as I tend to do) which I won after the following exchange.

Angry gay:  You probably saw Glitter in the theater didn't you.

Me: No, I wasn't old enough, but I saw it on Youtube.

Angry gay:  I am going to stab you.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

an average date with me

So Kim and Ariel want to come visit in January which I am very excited about but I was thinking last night as I was driving home that neither of them has really ridden in a car with me.  Ariel rode to ikea in my grandfather's minivan with me when I first moved in with them but otherwise they haven't had the experience.

I feel like Kim being from ny will be able to handle my driving as she is accustomed to cab drivers but it seems to unnerve people when they are in my car with the top down and they can see swift death approaching them with nothing in between them and the other vehicles but a door.

Everyone has their different coping mechanisms for riding with me.  Scott used to just slump down in the passenger seat with a scowl on his face like he was preparing for death, Joel does the grabbing on to the door handle while bracing his feet against the floor as if pressing an imaginary brake peddle.  Jonathan tends to just screech at me and hit me like an old hispanic lady.

But the point is, like in grand theft auto, even if my car is covered in blood by the end of the journey you had a good time and I got you where you needed to go.  In fact, after all of Joel's bitching the other day he actually commented that I got him to a bathroom quicker than he would have been able to.  So maybe I increased his likelihood of peeing his pants, but he didn't, I got him there, everything was fine.

It's why I can't wait for Meghan to come visit, she is my perfect passenger.  Meghan and I can have an in depth philosophical conversation as calm as clams while I'm zipping in and out of lanes, the speedometer creeping ever closer to the killing speed.  And she does it all with the grace and dignity of a passenger in a video game.

So hurry up and get down here Meghan!  I'm actually off to clean my car in a minute, just in case you show up at my door unexpectedly.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

purple gingham = A+

So the store officially opened today which was some weird wild stuff.  We were actually still steaming and folding when the first customers randomly wandered in and the head honchos said, "I guess this means we're open" so we kind of hit the ground running.

I had but mere moments to pick out my clothes for my first day so I went with the little voice in my head (it sounds like Jonathan) that said, 'go for the purple gingham' and apparently it was the right decision.  Everybody I encountered for the rest of the day seemed extremely pleased to see me in my purple gingham shirt.

I only got to work a few hours with the store being open, I'm kind of excited to go back tomorrow and try it for real for reals.  It's cool that our store has been much anticipated in the area because it makes it easy to help the customers.  When the clothes are cute and the customers know it the selling becomes easy.  I much prefer that to trying to convince tourists to buy a generic cashmere sweater.

Plus now that the store is open it means the corporate people are going back to nyc where they came from.  I actually liked having them around because it reminded me of why I left ny in the first place.  People in the city are kind of jerks.  You can take the jerk out of the city but you can't take the city out of the jerk...or something like that.

Anyways, now that the store is open it also means that I will be on a more normal schedule.  I don't have to be in tomorrow until 12.  Luxury!  I look forward to sleeping in tomorrow, and by sleeping in I mean sleeping until 7 when that rude cat will decide I need to wake up.

I can't wait.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

i love everything about this

Jezebel's tweet beat

Eliza  to me
 10:30 PM (13 minutes ago)
told me about mariah carey tweeting about ODB, which made me find this.

you don't have to blog this, though, hahaha.


how i'd prefer to handle work at this point

I'm anxious to get on a regular schedule because at this point I feel like I'd just assume get locked in the store rather than having to drive all the way home, sleep for a couple hours, and then drive right back.

The good news is that we open tomorrow so things should settle in to more of a routine.  In the meantime, I am looking forward to getting as much sleep as I can before that RUDE cat starts his nightly ritual of stomping all over my face.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

it was a long day

So last night I had to go to work from 10 until midnight to unload many many boxes from the back of a semi that smelled suspiciously of bubble gum.  Then I had to be back this morning at 8 to unpack and sort said boxes with my new coworkers.

I just got home and I am exhausted.  I will be passing out soon because I have to be back tomorrow at 8 for a full day of steaming and folding.

Oh retail, how I've missed you.

Still haven't gotten my new hire items yet but unpacking the boxes today gave me a lot of ideas.  I'm thinking blazers.  Methinks I may finally be able to do the guest post on that kim asked me to do forever ago.

All I have to do is make it to the end of the week.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saturday, November 12, 2011

the weather is beautiful

All they were talking about on the news this morning was how beautiful the weather was outside.  I couldn't take it anymore by 8am so I had to go for a run down a1a and the weather was in fact beautiful.

So I waited until a reasonable hour until I begged Joel to go for a drive with me.  Even though he has to clutch at his pearls every time I change lanes he still agreed to go with me down to south beach for the afternoon and I was extremely happy that he did.

I mean really, how can you argue with it?

The best part about having a convertible is that you don't even mind having to serpentine up and down the streets looking for parking because you are soaking up the sun all the while.  And getting looks from the passerby's as well, at least when you're cruising in my car you do.

As thanks for him going with me down to Miami I took Joel to eat on south beach where our drinks were unexpectedly humongous.

They were the kind of drinks that are meant to be sipped casually all afternoon.  Or at least for as long as you can before two weird europeans decide to sit down at your table with you and begin conversing as if it wasn't weird that they sat down next to you.  Seriously europeans, I've about had it with you and your disregard for american customs like "not smashing in to cars when you parallel park" and "having privacy when you eat".

But besides that it was a spectacular way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  We even saw them filming something on south beach which made me feel like I was back in NYC, except with more g-strings.

I quite enjoy living down here I must say.

wish you were here...