Wednesday, March 30, 2011

this perfectly describes how I feel

wtf is this?

This is a commercial for what I guess is a local lumber company?  I don't even know.

Explanation please.

no thank you

The past few days have been kind of stressful for me.  Well the past few weeks have been kind of stressful, the past few days just especially stressful.

Yet somehow I find myself weirdly excited for the coming days, weeks, and whatevers.  I'm trying to take a move from the Detective Oliver Benson playbook.  When life hands you lemons, you make the angriest most disgruntled face you can make and just wait for the agony to be over.

Or something like that.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

why Motorola needs to sponsor me already

This is a picture I took of downtown Sarasota.  Pretty good right?

Now what if I told you that I was in a kayak in the middle of decently rough seas that were heavily trafficked by much larger boats?  What if I also told you that this was with the maximum zoom on?

Pretty amazing right?  I can't really take credit for much, I mean most of the other pictures were either of the sky or the water or were horribly off kilter.  But that being said the picture is pretty clear right?

I think that Motorola should sponsor me and I can just have a little "media made possible using the Motorola Droid" or something underneath every image and video I use on my blog.

Can somebody help me make this happen?

always watching

She's feeling much better now.

Anybody want a cat?

Monday, March 28, 2011

light rain

I've mentioned before that the weather program on my phone is far from accurate.  I made this video in my car to document what my phone considers to be, "light rain".

sailing club

You might have to click the picture to see it bigger to see the sailboats.  They were so cute, they looked like little moths with their wings folded up.

Andrew, can you please come down here and join a sailing club with me.

I have the perfect shorts for sailing.

up in the gym just working on his fitness

Lately I've been musing on how the detective and I were a lot closer in new york in some ways because our living space was so small that it was hard to get away from each other.  However, I'm definitely around more down here so he doesn't have the run of the place as much as he did.

One of the bittersweet things I've noticed is that he doesn't HARASS me while I'm trying to do yoga anymore, I imagine mostly because he doesn't even realize I'm doing it.  In new york I usually wouldn't let him be in my room if I could help it, but most of the time he was asleep on my bed and I felt bad disturbing him so I'd start doing my thing hoping he'd stay asleep.  Sometimes he would, most of the time he wouldn't.  Down here however who knows where he is at any given time of the day.  Half the time he spends the whole day behind the air conditioner, so it's not like me doing yoga inside is of any concern to him.

And as annoying as it is having him stick his butt right in my face when I'm in some compromising position, it always made me laugh and I kind of miss it.  So the other day I'm getting ready to do yoga when who should show up at the sliding door, yelling at me to get in, but that handsomest of guys.  After careful consideration I decided to let him in and it was just like old times.  Every time I would try to pet him he would wander out of reach and then lay down in some inconvenient spot on my mat.  When I would try to just continue with my yoga and ignore him he would become irritated and start rubbing against me or positioning himself so I couldn't help but pet him with the movements I was doing.

But, as usual, my flailing became too much for him to handle and he ended up passing out here in the corner where he remained for the next several hours:

catching up

Between the adventures of Miss Kitty and the weather finally getting up to the 80's, I'm getting behind on my posting.  I just downloaded 146 pictures from my phone to my computer.

I promise only like 35 are of cats.  

Sunday, March 27, 2011

uh oh pt 3

I've been putting off this post in hopes that I would know what to say if I just slept on it.  I still don't know what to do.

Miss Kitty and I have had quite a tumultuous time since last I updated you all.  We've learned a lot about each other, we've laughed, we've cried, we've pooped.  Especially her.  God did she poop.

She's actually been locked in the utility room for the past week or so since she started using poop as a weapon to break me down.  The picture above is about the time she started to realize that it was I who would get the last laugh.

I took her to the vet's office where they gave me medicine to help her feel better, amongst other things.  The vet's assistant asked me if I had a name for her and I said that I was hesitant to name her because I still don't really want to keep her but I want to go with Mariah Kitty.  The vet's assistant made some disparaging remark about how she didn't like that name because she didn't like anything about Mariah Carey at which point Miss Kitty let out a little mew and then pooped all over the vet and his assistant.  I have to say I felt very connected to her at that moment.  It reminded me of the day the detective came to me and my boss tried to throw him out and the detective clawed him and drew blood.

The best part about Miss Kitty pooping all over the vet was that it meant I didn't have to go home and collect a stool sample.  It also meant that I got to wait for about 20 minutes in the waiting room with this nice nice guy:

There was also a girl cat who spent the entire time I was there just sitting in the corner staring out the window.  I guess that's the thing, I'm forgetting that there is a difference between boy cats and girl cats.  I'm also forgetting that the detective did bad things when I first brought him home too.  But nothing as bad as the pooping.  Oh the pooping.  Thankfully the vet said it was a really common condition and could have been caused by a million different things.  They gave me medicine that I've been giving her and it's totally working miracles.

But it was a pretty rough couple of days there for a while and by the time I got back from the vet's with Miss Kitty I just wanted to get out of the house and away from cat poop world.  I ended up driving down longboat key and ending up here:

I would have stayed for sunset but I really wasn't dressed for it.  I ended up just walking around for a bit and taking pictures.

Between the beach and the parking lot was this mini park that had a walking path with picnic tables every so often.  It was pretty cool, especially at sunset:

Anyways, the point is that I did a lot of reflecting about Miss Kitty, and life.  I'm still not sure what I am going to do about her.  For now it seems like she's feeling a lot better and I'm almost done with her medicine.  I'm hoping that I can get her in at a no kill shelter, or find somebody who would like to adopt her but in the meantime the next step will be trying to figure out how to get her fixed and vaccinated.

I just bought Jennifer Hudson's new album which is amazing I'm just not ready to really talk about it.  Mostly because a lot of it is about loss and heartache and the power of love and all that so I have found myself more than once listening to a song in the car and thinking about Miss Kitty and then bursting into tears.  It's actually gotten to the point where as soon as "Where You At" comes on my eyes start welling up.


Friday, March 25, 2011

is it a holiday or something?

I thought I heard them say "enjoy your day off" on the today show this morning and the women next door were up late last night yapping on the phone and then have been home all day today chatting with each other from what sounds like across the yard.

I checked my Barbie calendar and it didn't say anything.  I figured Barbie would have any excuse to take off work marked on her calendar with a big pink heart and "Date with Ken?"

research at Target

Sometimes when I'm at a place like Target I browse through the pool/backyard fun area and look at the pictures on the boxes.  It's always been one of my dreams that I would be in the photo shoot for the pool floatie box, or the floating basketball hoop, or the slip n' slide.

Of course once I start down this path I get lost for hours looking at all the crazy things at Target that I usually breeze right past.  Like this highly unsettling quote from Kevin, age 11.

Or this woman who I am convinced is that girl from Rock of Love who I can't seem to find on any google search:

Was she one of the brandi's?  I don't remember, I think she was on I Love Money and Charm School though.  And now apparently she's posing for the outdoor water castle box.  I want her career.

Also in the pool section I found this boy:

Ok, he's excited about slippin' and slidin', I get it, he's good.  Then I walked down a few boxes and saw this:

Is it the same picture photoshopped to look different?  Or is this kid just that good?  He gets a call on saturday morning, "Hey Johnny, we got a shoot for a new pool toy today you in?"  He's got a pair of board shorts in green that have yet to grace a box so he goes for it.  Just gotta stretch my hamstrings first, gonna be a day of heavy squatting.

Winding my way through the pool/outdoor section meant that I transitioned seamlessly in to the toy section which captivated me for quite some time.  I mean have you seen some of the lego sets they have these days?  I wanted everything.

But I wanted nothing as much as I wanted this:

If they had had these when I was little I woulda bought the shit out of them.  WHAT COULD IT BE?!  I was going to buy it but then I decided I'd rather let the mystery live on.  It could be anything.  It could even be my car!  What if it was my car, omg now I have to go back to Target.

channelling sandra lee

Discount red wine, all natural lemon lime soda, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.

I really want to make real sangria but this was my quick fix in the meantime.  It wasn't bad but it wasn't my best creation ever.  I'm anxious to plan out my attack for making real sangria, I intend for this to be the summer of sangria.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

to Kinkos and back

I've been summoned to serve on jury duty in the great city of new york, finally.  I'm a little disappointed that I finally get called now that I'm not living there, I would have loved to have gone.  I feel like jury duty is one of those experiences that most people have shared, yet each experience is so different.  And if I'm going to serve jury duty I might as well do it in new york, the odds that I'd get a case involving some nutso would be high.

But sadly I am not going to be able to serve since I am not living in nyc at the moment so I had to go to Kinkos down here and make copies of my drivers license and bills to my florida address.  I decided to walk since it was a nice day and traffic in Sarasota is usually nightmarish, especially in the afternoon.  Scott came with me and we ended up finding a lot of fun things in the neighborhoods between the house and kinkos.

For example, that tree.  I love that tree.  It was hard (as usual) to capture the spectacle of it on my phone but it was really really huge and just had a perfect single layer of leaves covering its perimeter.  From outside it looked like this giant full tree but then when you walk under the first branch you realized that it was actually completely open inside like an umbrella or an igloo.  It was wild!  I'm not sure what kind of tree it is but I feel like it would make a great tree for kids.

Less whimsical and more disturbing was what I found in the front yard of another house down the street:

You might not notice him in this picture but trust me, our eyes locked from down the street.  I don't know why but there was something unsettling about him.

I was really scared going up to take this picture.  I figured either some big dog, or man, would come barreling out of the house thinking that I was going to steal their precious robot.  My other fear was that the robot was going to come to life at which point I probably would have started crying.

But nothing happened, perhaps the most sinister scenario of all.  Several months from now I'm going to wake up in the middle of the night and go to the kitchen to get water and look out in the backyard to see him sitting in a patch of moonlight.  Watching.  Waiting.

Anyways, does anybody know how seriously they take the jury duty stuff in the city?  I was looking at the form and it said that I had to reply within 10 days and I'm fairly sure it was mailed to my apt in nyc back in January.  Will I be in trouble?  Am I going to have to come back to ny just for jury duty?  That would be pretty typical.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


In Sarasota I often find myself asking this question about vehicles I see.  Unfortunately it's often when I see somebody driving my car only in some unnatural freak color, or with really horrible accessories.  Other times however it's because of vehicles like this pick up that we saw in the new parking garage downtown (the one with sails).

Who are you kidding with this?  Like at night from far away I guess maybe you might think it was really a corvette, but the other 90% of the time it's just a pickup truck with corvette taillights.

Sadly that's not the only example I have of a Sarasota car that makes you say, "why?":

I perhaps should have gotten closer so you could see how hideous this beetle really was but you get the gist.  My guess was that it was a rental car from some local company that decided to jazz up their not so nice rides with really ''spiffy'' paint jobs.  That or it's just another nutso on the road here in the sunshine state.

At least it's not my car with the aquamarine tiger stripes.

uh oh pt 2

I've been on quite the rollercoaster of emotions with this cat over the past 12 hours.

So I took a walk yesterday, thinking I might end up at Starbucks for an after dinner coffee though I never made it.  I got about 3 quarters of the way there when I started getting blisters and had to turn around, but that is really neither here nor there.  The point is that on my way back I passed by a sign on a phone pole asking if anybody had seen their lost cat that describes this little guy perfectly.

Of course I didn't bring my phone with me on my walk so I had no way to even write the number down, and the cat had still been running around outside because we didn't k now what else to do with it.  Now that I knew it was somebody's pet I was anxious to get home and see if I could catch him and then call them and make their day.

So sure enough last night at dusk the detective starts creeping around all the windows looking outside and making weird noises.  I went outside and this little guy came running right up and I was so excited.  So I brought him inside and set him up with some food and water while Scott drove down to the sign to call them and tell them we had their cat.

I snapped these pictures last night to send to them to confirm that it really was their cat before I tried to wrangle it in to the carrier.  This one is my absolute favorite, it's after he had eaten and could finally relax:

: (

so happy.

So anyways, i'm sitting at home watching dancing with the stars (I voted for wendy) and taking pictures of this little guy and trying to enjoy spending time with him before I take him back to his home.  Until Scott comes back and tells me that he called the number and the woman said it definitely wasn't her cat.  She wasn't even interested in seeing the pictures I took, she just said it wasn't her cat.

First of all, how is that possible.  The description said tiger striped cat with white chest and paws and it was in our neighborhood.  How many cats like that are running around?  It makes me sad because it makes me feel like it's some horrible mother who didn't want the kitten she had bought for her kids after it started to grow up so she got rid of it but then the kids were sad so she made a sign up but never intended to actually take the cat back.

: (

Or maybe it's really not her cat.  Either way I've really opened a can of worms now by letting this cat in the house.  What am I supposed to do now!  Uggghhhh.

Monday, March 21, 2011

want to throw up

Just thinking about this story I found on Reddit.  Don't worry, it's fine for work, it's just disgusting and hilarious at the same time.

I mean, haven't we all been there?

lapping at the peen of America

It's monday morning, back to life, back to reality.  I took Dan to the airport yesterday morning, came back and slept for the rest of the day.  I'm not kidding.  I did wake up in the evening and managed to watch the new episode of celebrity apprentice (i'm obsessed), but otherwise I didn't have the energy to do anything yesterday.  For as little as we actually did while Dan was here, it was an activity packed weekend for me.

The picture above is from Lido beach when Scott took Dan and me there to watch the sunset on Friday night.  I was pleased that Dan's mind immediately went to celestial bodies and how we are but a rock hurtling through space.  After watching the sunset we ended up here for dinner where the three of us split a dinner called "Nirvana" that was basically more seafood than you'd believe.  And delicious.

Now, I can't really talk about Dan's visit without mentioning the Tervis tumbler factory store.  Twice.

As I've mentioned before in my blog Scott and I got these amazing cups that we were all excited about using when we had guests over:

That's strawberry lemonade in my Florida palm tree cup.  If you want the full scoop on them you can go to the source but basically they are really well insulated durable cups with fun embroidered decals inside.  Now, as Dan pointed out numerous times, I tend to say that I can't really describe the amazingness of things on my blog very well but I'll have to say it again.  Even after having seen my posts about the wonder that is Tervis tumblers Dan still had no idea what he was in for when he took his first drink in the pink flamingo cup.

I'm going to save us all a lot of "he said, she said" here and just say that of the three full days that Dan was here in Florida we spent the better part of two of those days driving to, and shopping at, the Tervis Factory Store in glamorous Osprey, Florida.

I will say, it was totally worth it because Dan overheard me saying how much I liked this cup and secretly bought it for me:

That was an "always the perfect temperature" iced coffee in my nice fish cup.  The handle seems a bit superfluous since part of the appeal of the Tervis tumbler is that it's insulated so the outside of the cup never gets too hot or too cold, but I think I like it for that very reason.  I'm all about unnecessary accessories:

Thankfully Dan's trip was not ALL driving up and down Highway 41 betwixt the house and the Tervis Factory store, we did manage to fit in a few other fun things.  There was our first day at the beach, starting at Siesta but eventually setting up camp on Lido.  The water was brisk for me but Dan went right in no problem.  I did end up swimming a bit but the best was laying in the sun warming up after.  Thinking back I'm not sure there's much we did that day besides go to the beach, eat lunch, and watch Burlesque on demand.  It was such a different experience to watch it at home with Dan where we pretty much talked the whole way through it.  Or sang.  I'm glad we watched it on the first night as it appropriately colored the rest of Dan's visit.

Dan was rightfully cautious about sun exposure so we ended up spending a decent amount of time around the pool and under the shade of umbrellas.  One afternoon even featured an in-pool game of yahtzee:

We were experimenting with dropping the dice in the pool but they were a little too small.  You'd either need bigger ones, or like floaty ones.  Either way, let it be known that I came up with the idea and wrote about it here.

The final night of Dan's visit we actually made it to the opera to see La Boheme which my sister has been in the pit for.  It was the last performance and I still hadn't seen it so I was glad it worked out for us to go.  Here's my picture I took of the outside, though it pales in comparison to the one that's on their website:

The performance itself was so amazing.  All of the performers were on point, the sets were perfect, I thought it was one of the best performances I'd seen in a long time.  In fact I found my mind wandering during the performance to all of the shows I've seen in nyc and how most of the time the things I see outside of the city ends up being so much better.  Of course I'm sure I am a little partial to this particular performance since my sister was actually a part of it but I can own that.  I like going down to the pit during the intermission to see her and say hi.  It's a perk of knowing somebody in the orchestra.

The program for the performance was actually just a booklet program that they must pass out at all of their performances.  It had all of the performers for the season and the directors notes and whatnot.  It also featured a certain headshot which, along with the line, "you aint got nothing on me Goody Proctor"  became the Tweety Bird Pez Dispenser to my Elaine.

Thankfully we were not sitting that close, and most of Sarasota is deaf anyways so I didn't cause a commotion that required me to leave my seat, but let me tell you, I was having a hard time keeping it together.

The other gem from the program was in the producers list.  Almost all of the pictures were of a husband and wife all dressed up, there were a few pictures of people alone, and then there was this woman:

I love her!  That is exactly what I would do.  I want to think that her husband wanted no part of the opera so she took that picture with her cats to spite him.  Or, she's like me and wishes that the opera would be more accepting of feline patronage.  It would be very nice if I could bring the detective with me to a night at the opera.  He's always black tie ready, and I could get him a pair of opera glasses!!!

Either way those are two of the nicest little guys I've ever seen.  I'd really like to meet this woman and shake her hand.

So that's pretty much all she wrote.  Dan's visit was a whirlwind of drinking, listening to Beyonce, buying cups, laying in the sun, and opera.  I think Dan was sufficiently impressed with Sarasota, and hopefully, as his plane took off from Trampa he looked down at the diminishing coastline and thought, "It's kind of like the waves are lapping at the peen of America"

Friday, March 18, 2011


This pimpstang was parked at publix when I went the other day.  I have mixed feelings about it.  When I first saw it from this distance I couldn't really figure it out and thought it was kind of gross looking.  I thought it was a dark leopard print racing stripe.

Upon closer examination I realized it was way cooler than that:

I'm kind of really in to it.  Especially because the personalized license plate was something to the effect of "Q-T-Pie"

I still feel like I wouldn't necessarily do the brown on silver combo but I like the direction they were going in.  What color flying zombie skull racing stripe would you do on a black car?  

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


coconut, pineapple, mango, and orange juice.

I think I'm going to take this tumbler with me to the tattoo place as an example of what I'd like my flamingo to look like.

uh oh

So lately I thought I was hearing phantom cat cries, you know like when you think you hear your text message notifier go off even when it didn't?  I would be inside and I would hear crying, I would open the door thinking I was letting the detective in but he wouldn't be on the other side, and upon investigating would usually find him somewhere inappropriate like sleeping inside the recliner.  Yes he does that.

Apparently I wasn't hearing things though, it was actually this little guy.  Up until last night he had been really scared to come around here (I think because of a certain inhospitable cat that lives here), though I guess he's been creeping around for a while now.  We were sitting in the living room and the detective was going wild, running from window to window, rattling the blinds, being generally horrible.  Finally I decided to go outside and see what was causing him so much anxiety.

So I'm standing in the front yard when who should I see but this precious little angel.  At first he was just looking at me and I was just looking at him, until he realized that I wasn't going to hurt him.  While he was still looking at me he started kind of running around and checking me out from different angles.  Finally he just started running around me in giant circles, getting closer and closer each time he went around, until finally he was just running in circles around my legs and rubbing his body against my legs the whole way around.

: (

These pictures are the best ones I could snap because he was seriously constantly moving.

I really can't tell what his deal is, in some ways he seems like a housecat that has wandered too far from home and in other ways he seems really nervous like he's always lived on the streets.  Either way at least the weather is super nice here right now so I don't feel bad about leaving him outdoors until I figure out what else to do.

So after feeding him and taking these pictures I returned to the house to find a very disgruntled detective.  He was so worked up about this other cat creeping around and eating his food it was ridiculous.  At some point the little kitty was outside the front door and the detective was sitting right at the entrance just staring at the crack where the door meets the floor, as if willing it to open up and allow him to play with his new friend.  There was no breaking his concentration.  Not even when the cat ended up showing up at the back door and I went out there to talk to it and whatnot.  When I was coming back inside the little kitty tried to follow me and I had to make this whole production about keeping him out with my foot while I tried to slink in the backdoor.  When I finally got it shut with him outside I turned around to see that the detective was still staring at the front door, apparently unaware that there was no longer anything of interest on the other side.  I think he's learning disabled.

Anyways, I'm not sure what to do about this cat.  Scott suggested going on craigslist and posting in the missing pets section, I guess I will try that.  Any other ideas?  I'm hoping that this little kitty belongs to somebody and I can reunite them.

haha finally!

via Reddit

I only hope that they are actually making this in to a full length movie because it looks amazing!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I've been there before

I found this for sale at Target.  I'm not entirely sure what is in this box but it sounds familiar.

It makes me think of this crazy lady (who shall remain nameless but trust me, her name is amazing) from back in my juicing days who told Meghan and Sam that she once fasted for 40 days and at the end of it she had manifested her soul mate.  Wether she manifested a real person or just made a man out of broccoli and sat him at her kitchen table I still don't know, but I do think she's the perfect person to have the ultimate yoga meltdown.

Monday, March 14, 2011


On Sunday Scott ran a marathon in town that ended down by the water.  I decided to walk to the finish line to see him cross, which I never ended up doing because it took me a lot longer to make the walk than I had anticipated.  Perhaps it had something to do with the stopping every few minutes to take pictures like this, but came you blame me.  There is so much going on in this sign that I agree with.

I also walked past the local elementary school who's sign read:

I had forgotten all about spring break.  Spring break was awesome.  Even in elementary school, before all the drinking.  I always used to relish the thought of, "what class would I be in right now if I were in school".  Let's see, it's 2:00pm right now, I have no idea what I would have been doing in elementary school.  I don't even think I know what I would have been doing in high school.  We got out at 3:30, so at 2:00 would you be just getting ready for your final class?  I feel like it was always something horrible, maybe just because it was the last class of the day.  Maybe because high school was horrible.  I am no longer enjoying this trip down memory lane.

Back to my walk, and things I do enjoy.  I walked down Osprey Avenue which takes me past Jon's favorite house in Sarasota:

It's hard to capture the beauty and spectacle of this house in a photograph.  The walls are hot pink and actually have nacreous shells mixed in with the concrete so it glitters in the sun as you move past it.  The shutters are purple and there are gargoyles and things in various places around it.  I feel like it's one thing to live in a house like this, it would be another thing to have to live across the street and look at that all the time.

Scott ended up having to pick me up downtown because that's all the further I had made it before he was done with the marathon and ready to go home.  I took him out to breakfast to make up for it, which is where he received this coffee cup:

Now I'm fine with the cutesy mix and match mugs at a restaurant but somehow this crosses a line.  I feel like this isn't just somebody's mug, this is Jamie's mug, and he wants it back.  As far as I'm concerned he can have his gross mug from Myrtle Beach back, good riddance.

So yeah, that was basically my day yesterday, completed when I stood up, forgetting that my phone was in my lap, and watched it bounce on it's protective rubber case until it fell in the pool and sank to its watery grave.  I took it all apart last night and thought I let it dry out but I guess not.  When I put the battery in this morning and turned it on it seemed fine and first, then started vibrating and did not stop.  It actually started vibrating like a car revving it's engine.  Finally the vibrating just got slower and slower until it stopped altogether.  RIP droid, you were a good phone.

Now I have the new droid to play with for the rest of the day.  Will report later.

tervis tumblers

First of all, I love everything about these guys.  I'll go ahead and let you all down now by telling you that I didn't get any of the dog ones, but I did love them all.  They also had kitties, but nearly the variety that they had of dogs.  They didn't even have the same breed as the detective, much less a handsome black cat.

But the point of this post is about how I got a new phone today and was actually able to recover the pictures I'd taken over the past couple days.  This was the first one that came up when I put them on my computer.  I liked them then, I like them now.

As part of our continuing series, "making the backyard awesome" Scott and I  went down to the Tervis Tumbler factory store and browsed their literally shelves of outdoor cups.  They had a lot of boring sports ones, and several like the dogs that were just kind of strange, but then they had a bunch that were amazing.

We ended up deciding to get four medium size cups and four giant size cups and to mix and match where we each picked two and two.  I'm sure I will post all 8 over the course of the summer, can you spot them all?

Here are the first two:

I think the cockatoo was the first cup I saw that I fell in love with, mostly because that is the bird version of me if ever I've seen one.  Scott chose the hibiscus, after much pointing to it by me.  Don't they look so great against a background of greyhound?

Can't wait for summer.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

i really did it this time

when I did a google search for "in the pool" this was the first thing that came up. 

The point is that I finally did it, I dropped my phone in the pool.  I even had a bunch of pictures on there that I wanted to post.  I'm a mess. 

Dan is coming to visit this week.  I'm using that as my excuse.  I've been getting the back yard in order, buying tumblers, etc.  I let my blog fall by the wayside and now this is the punishment I get.  No more pictures.  

: (

Hopefully it will dry out.  I'm not putting it back together until tomorrow.