Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1 million times better

Kim sent me the link to "meowbify" my blog which resulted in this amazingness.  I was the most pleased that they chose that gif to represent my entire blog, as it pretty much sums everything up quite nicely.

From now on when anybody asks what my blog is about I'm just going to send them that gif.  If only there was a way to sync it up with some Mariah...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

it always happens like this

Looks like a beautiful day for the beach eh?  That's what I thought too.  In fact, I started preparing for my beautiful Saturday off as early as Friday evening when I unwrapped the roadster and got it all cleaned up.

You can imagine my displeasure sitting in the beach parking lot where the view out my passenger side was the one above, and the view out of my drivers side was this:

In that Florida style, the rolling thunderheads were nowhere to be seen on my entire drive to the beach. As soon as I parked, however, they blocked out the sun and brought that cold wind that often heralds the impending storm.

After some consideration I decided there would be other days for the beach and I gave up on my grand plan.  I instead spent the day cleaning.  The good news is that I have clothes to wear to work now!  The  bad news is I didn't get the golden tan I was hoping for.  When I travel to other places how will people know I live in South Florida?!

I guess it only takes a brief conversation to figure out somebody is an insane Floridian.  And sometimes, it doesn't even take conversation, as this man learned recently.  Since I'm not tan I'll have to use that as my topic of conversation with strangers I may meet in the coming days.

It's either that or talk about the weather.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

me when I try to be sexy

Last night I actually went out all by my self, as was my plan all week.  I opened yesterday and then had today off of work and I even went to far as to take a nap yesterday afternoon in preparation.

It wasn't terrible but it wasn't great.  I have friends (I won't name names) who are always going out by themselves and seeming to have a great time.  I however do not understand the appeal.

Now the beach on the other hand, I could spend all day there by my self.  I think that's what I will do with myself today actually.

Oh and thanks Jonathan for sending me the gif.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

a very special lady

Last night I was granted the esteemed privilege of spending some time with this fancy lady.

: ((((

She was so nice and didn't want to be bothered with anything besides smiling and being nice.  When I would stop petting her she would move her front paws together like she was clapping for more.

: (((((


And the best part of all is her name...


What else could it be?

Thank you Nicole for inviting me in to your home and sharing the gift of Sparkles with me.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

rude dudes

My phone was dead when I discovered my saran wrapped car the other night but THANKFULLY there is a video of the nefarious deed being committed shot by none other than the infamous Eduard.

As Jon said, "his giggling".  It's haunting.  And for the record, you saran wrapped the benz not the beemer, you FOOL.

And Chris, I'm glad you had such a great time helping Eduard.  Don't think I will forget this.

fast asleep

This is how I found him yesterday, at first I thought he was dead.

I don't know why he likes being on that scratching pad so much.  If anything I would think the tile floor would be the coolest spot in my apt.  And if he is wanting warmth then he should be in the window in the sunlight.

But instead this is where he collapses.  Underneath the air conditioner, his large body spilling over the edges of his "bed".  I'll never understand him.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Eduard joins the war

So yesterday at work Sergio was giving me a LOT of attitude in the stockroom so I may have tickled him so he shrieked like a little girl and I may have pulled a polo over his head from behind, temporarily blinding him.

I don't think those merit his retaliation though.  Exiting the bathroom I only saw a flash of EDUARD's grinning face before a huge cup of ice water was thrown in my face.  It immediately blinded me and went up my nose, leaving me disoriented and helpless.  All I could do was stand there, dripping wet, listening to Eduard's laughter.

So this is what I did on my break:

In case you didn't figure, Sergio hates the Heat.

Unfortunately my phone died last night so I was unable to follow up on how many honks Sergio got on his drive home but I hope it was a lot.  Elliot said he was going to follow Sergio home and just lay on his horn the whole way.

But Sergio did not go straight home, as I found out hours later when I finally left work.  It was a long LONG night and I was very hot and tired as I climbed the last stair to my floor in the parking garage.  I could see my car in the distance but it didn't have the same usual shine to it.  As I got closer I realized my entire car had been saran wrapped shut.

I have no pictures because my phone was dead and my charger was trapped in my car underneath quite a bit of industrial strength plastic wrap.  I did finally get it all off and spent my drive home plotting my next move.

Oh and to add insult to injury, I woke up this morning and turned on my phone after leaving it to charge all night and this is the text I receive from Sergio, "I can't believe you thought you were safe, like a garden variety FOOL would"

As I was unwrapping my car last night a group of people walked past and the guy goes, "did somebody get you?" and I said, "Yes, and there will be retaliation".  They all started laughing.

We shall see who laughs last.

how he sleeps now

He forces room on the coffee table by pushing everything else out of the way so he can use my book of Shakespeare as his pillow.

It doesn't look comfortable at all, the book is far to big so he always has to have his head stretched out as far as possible, but I have found him here countless times since I added the book to my coffee table.

He's weird.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

They see me rollin', they hatin'

In celebration of not having to spend thousands of dollars to get the roadster fixed I decided to treat myself to the upgrades that I've been desperately wanting for the benzo.  I also wanted an excuse to deal with the guy who works at tint land.  I met him when he tinted the windos on Heather's car and I think I'd be willing to say he is my favorite character I've met in Ft. Lauderdale so far.

When I dropped the benz off to get tinted I had a little trouble pulling in to the garage and ended up having to do a several-point-turn.  When I got out the first thing he said was, "You drive like an old person fucks, slow and sloppy"

He took the words right out of my mouth!

I'm really excited for the increase in privacy that I've obtained with the tinting, but also the reduction in heat.  I can already feel a difference, I'm especially looking forward to driving to work today after it's been sitting in the sun all morning.  Usually it's like an oven, hopefully now it will remain cool as a cucumber inside.

My other splurge for the benz that I got in preparation for riding dirty is these durable all weather rubber floor mats:

I could have gone with beige to match the interior but I decided to do the black accent to match the dash and trim.  I think it looks ok, I just haven't gotten used to them yet.

So now I'm all set for whatever comes my way.  I won't need to spend any money on this car for a while, unless you guys think I should get spinners for the wheels...

Friday, July 20, 2012

a friend I made

I went on a whole new adventure with my run the other day and I ended up making a new friend, as seen above.  Well, you can see his tail anyways.  It was a giant bright green iguana!  He was nice and gave me a very suspicious look.

I reached a new milestone with my running that has led me to be able to change my route.  I now get to run directly along the beach!  I feel very Florida now.

Especially stumbling upon iguana's too, it's everything I'd hoped living in south florida would be.

you're not the first to say that

I actually totally forgot that I had chosen this name again when I started this game.  They hardly ever call you by name in it, so I was a bit shocked that this seahorse had such a dirty mouth.

I followed him, he led me to a caverns filled with sea snakes.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

the foolmobile

Let me preface all of this by saying that I seriously have not stopped smiling in the past three days since I first hatched my plan.

The last time Sarah and I worked together I got in before her.  When she arrived she said she parked next to me, then added, "I parked so close that you can't even get out of your car since you always park so obnoxiously far to the side of your spot".

As annoyed as I was I was also pleased that she was instigating such warfare with me.  You can imagine my disappointment when I got out to my car to find Sarah parked normally next to me.  I called her out on her lies but still decided she needed to be punished for even thinking that she could get away with pranking me.

So on my days off I started to put the wheels in motion for getting her back.  I spent the better part of my time off searching high and low for this:

I appreciate that the example they use on the packaging is somebody writing "I love you" on somebody else's car.  A far cry from my plans.

I seriously have not been so excited to go to work in a long time.  Then imagine my surprise when all the pieces fell in to place for me.  First, Sarah attempts to block me in for real this time, as seen above.  Unfortunately she is a grade-A fool and left her lights on.  I told her I would be kind enough to turn her lights off for her when I went on my break and, like a fool, she agreed and handed her keys over to me.


Step one was moving her car to an undisclosed location where I could work on it in peace:

Save for the one security guard who kept passing by and giving me funny looks I had an uninterrupted hour of time to work on my masterpiece.  Sarah's car has a lot of nice window space to work with too.

And my personal favorite:

I wish I had a recording of Sarah's reaction when she saw her car but at least it will always be burned in my memory.  And I still haven't stopped laughing either.  The ear to ear grin on my face has yet to go away.  I woke up this morning to hateful messages from Sarah.  I called to talk to her and she said that people were taking her picture during her drive to work.

Because it's not every day you see a real live FOOL driving around on the streets.

I'd also really like to be there when she tries to wash this off, specifically the giant "FOOL" I wrote on the sunroof.  Good luck Sarah!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

this pleases me

Jon sent me this clip today and it made me laugh.  It also reminded me of one of my favorites:


This guy was hanging out at starbucks this morning, just looking around and being nice.  He literally didn't move from that position the entire time we were there.

: (

I would like a nice doggy like that who will sit and be nice with me while I'm out and about.

one of my favorite parts of any game

I don't know why this side quest is so fun but I look forward to it every time I replay this game.  Basically you stop a robbery that happens in this one part of town.  In the game you play the course of three days at the end of which you have to transport yourself back in time to the start of the three days or get crushed to death by the moon crashing in to the earth.  This has a lot to do with why this side quest pleases me so much, something about knowing that the old lady is going to get burgled every first night at midnight.  I look like I just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and I'm such a hero.  It pleases me.

This was the first time I thought about the fact that there is a guard posted right there who does nothing to stop the robbery.  The robber even ends up running right past him when he escapes and the guard doesn't budge.  Is his only job to stop children from running outside?

I started replaying this game recently after I read this on reddit:

It's definitely a freaky game.  It's weird too because I end up thinking about the poor people that I can't help during the parts of the game where I'm just beating a temple or something.  I mean that old woman gets robbed every first night!  I can't help everyone, it's terrible.

And then there's this part of it too:

That is literally what happens.  I mean, they don't show it happening but that is what is implied.  One moment you are watching this thing die, a cut scene later you are standing in front of his fresh grave holding his face as a mask.

They need to make more games like this.  Disturbing and frightening.  

Monday, July 16, 2012

this is why

I was skimming through tmz this morning when I came upon this article about how Mariah might replace Jennifer Lopez on American Idol.  I agree with dlisted that the best part about the topic even being brought up is that it is an excuse to watch this:

But truly, Mariah would be an amazing judge for any talent show.  I think the Can't Let Go clip I posted is a good example why.  Besides the fact that she's flawless in general I think watching the audience really speaks for the power of her performance.  First of all, it's Soul Train, fantastic.  In the beginning the audience is all paired up and slow dancing, but you can see right away that several people have their heads turned so they can watch Mariah.  Then as the song picks up, the people begin to sway.  By about the 3 minute mark she has whipped them in to such a frenzy that one woman is taken over with uncontrollable full body convulsive dancing.  I don't blame her.  By the end nobody is doing anything besides trying to get as close to Mariah as possible because they have realized they were witness to a true artist.

Plus I learned something from the youtube comments on that video, and you know how much I enjoy reading the youtube comments.

Soul train always made the artist lip sync. When Don C heard Mariah he said no need to lip shes sounds better live than her CD. Only Mariah and Elton John did not Lip sync on soul trian

So in conclusion, I find Nick's remarks justified.  Case closed.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

scaredy cat

Driving home from work tonight was the first time that I was glad I was in an suv.  It is seriously torrential rain with lightning striking close enough to make you nervous.  As I plowed through the standing water with ease I thought how grateful I was to not be in a tiny little sports car.

When I got home there was no nice guy waiting at the door for me like there usually is.  At first I thought it odd but then I realized it was because it was storming outside.  Sometimes I will be sitting on the couch and he will be right next to me completely calm cool and collected until it starts raining and he just takes one look outside with terror in his eyes before slinking off the couch and out of the room.  I finally figured out that he goes to the closet in the bathroom and sits there until the rain is over.

I don't think he appreciated me exposing him and taking pictures for my own amusement.

I feel kind of bad about how much he hates the rain but then I also feel like he needs to get over himself because it's not like he's ever even outside anymore.  I decided to lure him out by making myself a tuna salad sandwich.  No sooner had I set the certain bowl I always use to make tuna salad  down on the counter, he came slinking out from the bathroom and in to the kitchen.  He didn't do his usual meowing routine, just waited patiently until he could jam his entire face in to the almost empty can.

He was so distracted by food he even forgot it was raining for a while after he finished eating.  I got to pet him a little bit and spend some time with him before he remembered the only safe place to be was at the bottom of the bathroom closet.

Whatever, I have some time off this week which means we'll have plenty of opportunities to catch up on our cuddles.

Friday, July 13, 2012

how I roll

I'm having some trouble getting the roadster started.  Yes, again, Andrew you are right and I was wrong.  I should have sold the roadster when I had the chance.

But I didn't, and this is what I have to deal with now.  Heather aptly described it as "a spectacle".

At least we had Mia watching over us and making sure we were doing things correctly.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Traveller's log: Ariel in CT

Now that Ariel is a freelance writer I wanted to take advantage of her talents for my own blog.  When she mentioned a trip out of town for the 4th I told her I would love to see her documentation of it.

I honestly couldn't be more happy I did either.  I actually watched the video before I read the post and I laughed so hard I cried.  I remembered after it was over that they had mentioned it at dinner but somehow it was nothing like I could have ever imagined.  I mean, wow, just wow.

I'm excited to present this to you:

The Amazing Adventures of a Traveling Smusher
Wack-in-the-Box: an Independence Daze

This holiday, in the spirit of celebrating my country (and my day off), my girlfriend and I, who affectionately think of each other as smushed up bulldogs, decided to do something wholesome for the Fourth of July. Because the only American tradition that I have ever known involves a lot of drinking, we called her cousin and his boyfriend, who are equally as cute and boring as us, and who we can rely on for a good-old adult time. So we rented a zipcar to spend the day touring the metropolitan area.

The most impressive (and confusing) stop on our odyssey was the strange roadside attraction known as “Wild Bill’s Nostalgia Center” in Middletown, Connecticut. For the life of me, the only word I can really think of to describe it is “creepy.” I spent a good deal of time simply trying to wrap my head around what exactly it even was. Here’s what I concluded: it appears to be a “collection of memorabilia,” (and I use the phrase loosely; “hoard of junk” also comes to mind) anything and everything you never wanted from the last fifty years or so, all on sale for a pretty penny. The building is completely covered in vivid murals- some generic psychedelic 60’s tie-dye, some amusement park haunted house characters, and a lot of half naked babes. Upon entering, it’s hard to know what to look at first: the wall of joke magnets, the racks of old fatigues, the sports star bobble-heads, the plethora of porn, or possibly this baffling “still-life” arranged on a stage in the back:

The lot outside has also amassed a similar array of treasures, including their claim to fame, a 33-foot tall jack-in-the-box, the world’s largest, with a clown head weighing a massive 600 pounds. It’s less like the surprise, pop-goes-the-weasel, from your childhood, and more of a terrifyingly slow, optical illusion out of a bad acid trip: 

Although my tone may seem rather cynical, I actually recommend stopping in if you are passing through, if for nothing more than the sheer bewilderment that will overcome you.

I give it 3 out of 5 Travel Smushers

I miss Eduard

Even though he tried to choke me, came at me with the drill gun, pulls my hair, and generally terrorizes me, I am kind of sad to not see Eduard today.

But it does feel good to have a day off.  I am hoping to check a few life chores off the list today and tomorrow.  I've got to fill my time somehow, without Eduard barking orders at me I feel lost.

Before we left work yesterday he told me he had something he had to show me.  It was the picture I posted above.

I will put it on the record that I saw a Tennessee plate the other day that was from somewhere other than Blount.  Just keeping it honest.

Still, it pleases me that I have others obsessed with Blount now.  One of us is going to come up with an answer eventually.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

are you ready to feel old?

Somehow I got the same schedule as Sergio for the entire week which is both good and bad.  It's good because the surge is the best, even though he did turn in to Eduard yesterday and come at me with the drill gun, but it's bad because it means I have to come up with a different and great new outfit every day.

For some reason the surge is always the most impressed when I show up to work in a particularly good outfit so I've felt a certain obligation to deliver this week.  The past couple days I just wore new shirts that I knew he hadn't seen me in but yesterday was hard.  I waited too long to do laundry and when I finally went to do it before work I discovered too late that I had no laundry detergent.

So not unlike a finely made hash (I watched nothing but Chopped on my flights recently and for some reason it was all about hash) I had to pull together my outfit from scraps of clean clothes that I had in the closet.

Earlier in the morning I had seen this picture on reddit:

of some skinheads and hippies from the 60's.  I decided to pull out the suspenders and do an updated Aventura mall version of a 60's English skinhead.  Whenever I wear suspenders with jeans I feel like they are giving me a wedgie all day long in a way that I don't feel with other pants.  I guess it's because I'm used to wearing my jeans low.  Seeing the picture of those guys with their pants hiked up like that inspired me to do it though.

I actually do have a pair of Doc Martins but I decided purple Nike hightops were better.  Elliot "fixed" them for me so the tongue sticks out obnoxiously like that.  Sergio says it's the only way I'm allowed to wear them.

But what does all this have to do with making you feel old you ask?  Well, I was going to make a point about how I am a lot like Melissa Joan Hart from the Clarissa years in that I try not to be seen in the same outfit twice.  I figured it wouldn't be hard for me to find a picture of her in a pair of suspenders to help illustrate my point of how similar we are so I headed to the googles.

In my perusing pictures of an adorable little Melissa Joan Hart I eventually got to one of Ferguson.  It's not that I haven't thought about Ferguson since I was a child, there was the weird Clarissa connection at my college, it's just that I hadn't actually looked at a picture of him.  Wow, it was a blast from the past.

Then I considered; I know what Melissa Joan Hart looks like now but I have no idea what Ferguson looks like.  Which brings us to the part of the story where you feel old.

This is Jason Zimbler:

You're welcome.

Monday, July 9, 2012

more comfortable than the 6

When I left NYC on Friday morning Meghan rode the 6 train with me to 51st instead of the usual express to 86th.  Somewhere between Union Square and Grand Central she said, "I wish you could ride the subway with me every morning".

My gut reaction was to reply with, "me too" but I stopped myself.  It only took a quick glance around our train car to remember all the reasons I was glad I didn't have to take the 6 train every day for my commute anymore.

I was going to title this post "better than the 6" but I realized I would get arguments from the subway fanatics (I'm looking at you Dan and Will) who will forever stand behind public transportation.  And it is a marvel, really, especially when everything goes according to plan.

But visiting new york during a heat wave was such a good compromise between "oh I miss this magical fairytale city" and literally walking through piles of steaming hot garbage spread across the sidewalks.  Yes, I wish I could commute with Meghan every day, but do I wish I could go back to riding the 6 every day?

Nah, I'm happy with the benz.  And I don't think anyone will argue that the scenery is definitely better.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


So I have been criticized in regards to my blog that I talk about people as if you know who they are without any explanation.  My justification is that if you read enough of my blog you would be able to figure out who everyone is, nothing is ever that complicated.  I write about my friends, the end.

However, I realized that the post I did this morning referenced Eduard, which really wouldn't make sense to anybody but my work friends.

One night I was working with Sergio when a man and his son came in shopping.  For some reason the little boy really liked Sergio, and would seek him out with a variety of questions he had about the clothes.  At one point the little boy asked Sergio what his name was and for whatever reason Sergio told him that his name was Eduardo.

Sergio eventually came up to me in a rage, telling me that the little boy would not stop asking him questions, and couldn't even get his fake name right, he kept calling him Eduard.  The fact that this enraged Sergio even more gave me great pleasure.

As the little boy left the store with his father he turned over his shoulder and in his high pitched sing song voice shouted out, "Goodbye Eduard" and waved enthusiastically at Sergio.

This was the moment that Sergio fully transformed in to Eduard, the Mr. Hyde to his Dr. Jekyll.  And no joke, when he doesn't put gel in his hair he looks exactly like Bugs Bunny Mr. Hyde too.  It's weirdly perfect.

Of course if I have a name for Sergio when he gets in a rage then Sergio had to come up with a name for me to.  He still won't tell me where he came up with it but everyone has adopted it.  So my Mr. Hyde is officially Bonafacio, which I kind of like.

Ok, I did my duty now, there is no excuse for you to not know who I am talking about when I mention Eduard.  It means I was at work and barely escaped with my life because some small child set Sergio off on a rampage.

off to work I go

Apparently I'm being punished for all my vacations with 6 days of closing to look forward to.  At least I can save up some money and recoup from my jet setting.

What I don't look forward to is the horribly off key whistling that I know I will have to endure.  And to the worst songs too.  Yesterday it was "smooth criminal".  How are you going to whistle along to that?!  It's the same note over and over.

I seriously thought I was going to lose it, but then I would look over at Eduard and see the rage in his eyes and know that I would be ok.

Keep me in your thoughts this week.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

home sweet home

I got in yesterday afternoon and immediately went on a run even though all I really wanted to do was go to sleep.  I felt like 6:30 was probably too early for sleep though, so I forced myself out.  As usual I was glad I did once it was over.

Especially because I was still in a new york state of mind so it was fun to run along the beach and remember why I love it down here too.

And there's this guy:

He was obviously happy to see me.

"Please, please let me out of here, why am I kept prisoner?"

We cuddled all night.

Friday, July 6, 2012

another nyc day

I was left to my own devices for the day yesterday as Meghan and Sam both had to return to work.  I decided to take myself out to lunch at barnyard where I got a really amazing brussel sprout salad among other things.  I holed myself away for the better part of the day since the heat is really intense in the city right now.

But come the afternoon I did venture out to meet up with Kelly.  We decided to meet at 59th and 5th and then walk through the park.  When I got there I texted her saying I was underneath the spinning airplane.  She was confused at first but then quickly understood.

Kelly and I retreated to the shade of the park and found a nice bench to sit and catch up.  Make new friend but keep the old and all that.  It was really really nice.

As it got closer to 5 Kelly walked me up the park to the Met where she had to leave to go do homework but I was adopted by Esha.  Another person I was glad to get to see.

And a great person to walk me through Schiaparelli and Prada exhibit in Meghan's absence.  My only regret is that I didn't know that one of the dresses was made from monkey fur.

After uptown Meghan and I left Esha and headed down to meet up with Kim, Ariel, and JD for dinner.  We ended up sitting at thai son for several hours catching up.

All in all it was a whirlwind day in new york that made me miss living here a lot.  I was sad this morning to say goodbye to Meghan at the 51st St. stop.

I will be back soon though.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

NYC for the 4th

There was a part of me that was excited to spend the 4th of July in Miami and see what it was all about but when my work schedule lends itself to travel I have to take advantage.  And when Meghan said she and Sam both had the 4th off it was too good to be true.

I did everything I could have wanted to do yesterday too.  I got coffee from 9th St., followed by sitting in the park with Meghan and chatting/dog watching.

Once Sam woke up we wandered around the city looking for food.  After being turned away from our original destination we ended up at Bread which I had forgotten all about.  I used to eat at Bread almost every day when I worked at Simple around the corner, but I haven't been back since.  The food is just as good as I remember.

After lunch we stopped at whole foods to pick up another of my favorite nyc things;

and headed back to one of my favorite places:

for one of my favorite activities:

As the sun started to fade we made our way to the party for the evening.  Suzannah's instructions were, "the doors are open, just come on in" so that's what we did.  But the apt we entered didn't seem to have much of a party going on.

Apparently because it wasn't the apt throwing the party.  That's right, this is just somebody random's apt in NYC that they leave completely open.  We literally walked in off the street without buzzing anybody, got in the elevator, pressed "P" for the penthouse, and walked right in.  Once we realized we were in a strangers apartment Meghan made us leave quickly, but I had to snap a picture before we did.

Having seen the penthouse I was disappointed to not be able to party there.  I figured the apt hosting the party would probably be more modest in comparison.

I couldn't have been more wrong.  It was seriously one of the largest and most unexpectedly luxurious apartments I have ever been in.  We weren't really sure who at the party actually lived in the apt so I was hesitant to take too many pictures, but here are the two most important ones.  This was in the corner of one of the GIANT bedrooms:

Why?!  I want this!  It's so Mariah!!  Ugh, my envy knows no bounds.

And then if that wasn't crazy enough, when I asked where I could go to the bathroom I was directed to their powder room in the front entryway.  I figured it was going to be a modest closet sized bathroom. I was, again, incorrect.  It was really hard to take a picture that really shows how crazy the bathroom is but I did the best I could.

It was floor to ceiling mirrors on all four sides with all black furnishings.  Even the door to the bathroom was mirrored so once you closed it you were in the epicenter of your own infinite army stretching out in every direction.  And when I peed?  Oh it was glorious.  I could watch myself from literally every angle.  And who doesn't want to do that?!

The only downside to the apt was that we didn't have any kind of view of the fireworks.  At first I thought this was our only outside view:

Until Meghan finally invited me up to the roof which had a pretty incredible view of Union Square.

We could hear the fireworks, and even sometimes see them in the reflections of the windows, but it was mostly just a tease.

At least the skyline provides enough twinkling lights to satisfy.  And we even left with enough time to catch a few of the fireworks from the view down 15th St.

Along with all the other stragglers who couldn't find their way to a better view.  We got home and I didn't even realize but Sam ordered a pizza from what I would say is the ideal place to order a pizza from, Lombardi's.  Not only is Lombardi's great because it's delicious and steeped in history, it's also another place that I used to eat at all the time when I worked at Simple.  And there's nothing better after a good buzz than some nostalgic pizza.  Isn't that how the saying goes?

I'm not even sure when we all went to sleep last night but it happened at some point.  And now I must prepare myself for another fun nyc day before I head back south tomorrow morning.  I'm going to go put my walking shoes on now!