Sunday, December 12, 2010

i dream of misogyny

I've got TV Land on in the background while I pack and clean (and tend to kitty's every need) and we're now in the middle of an, "I Dream of Jeannie" marathon.

I mean, clearly we all realize that the show is terribly dated and a perfect example of what was the norm back in the day, but wow, I hadn't actually watched an episode since I was a little kid and didn't have a clue how inappropriate it was.

You could pretty much just take the dialogue between them and use it for the perp and vic in an episode of Law and Order SVU.  It's really creepy how he always tells her to be a "good girl" and then she says, "yes master".

I will say that they are definitely the most attractive of the tv couples from the good old days.  I'd squeeze  myself in to that bottle with the two of them any day.  Well, I guess maybe Lucy and Ricky are my all time most attractive tv couple, but these guys are a close second.

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