Friday, November 25, 2011

I heard you like adorable kittens

So my neighbor found this tiny precious angel a few weeks ago and has been keeping it while she figures out what to do with it.  She was telling me that she feels bad because she had to board her while she was out of town and would have to again over this thanksgiving holiday, so I offered to watch her instead.

I got her on wednesday right before I had to go to work so I did a quick sweep of the apt to make sure there wasn't anything she could hurt herself with and then I left, hoping the detective wouldn't destroy her.  He didn't seem too keen on her at the time.  The first thing he did was hiss in her face, then he ran over to her litter box and peed in it and then laid down and ignored her.

But yesterday I had the day off so I got to hang out with them with both all day long.

It's so different to have a little kitten that likes to play and enjoy life, instead of that big angry cat who doesn't want you to touch him or look at him.

Although I do see a glint of anger in her eyes, I'm worried that the detective might start to rub off on her.  He spent the majority of the past few days sitting in the corner glaring at her like this:

Like a horrible gargoyle.

And for some reason the little kitten is only interested in eating his food and he is only interested in eating the kitten food so I've had to resort to feeding them like this:

That's also the only way I can get a picture of both of them at the same time.  By distracting them with food.

Actually, at some point last night they apparently became best friends as they have been playing together all morning.  The detective will be laying there flipping his big tail when all of a sudden out of nowhere the little kitten will pounce and the detective lets out an irritated groan.  Or the kitten will be playing with something (usually her own tail) and the detective will come barreling at her, stop inches away from her face, and then run and hide in the closet.

Jon put it best when he described the detective as a bully.  It's why I kind of enjoy having this little kitten around to keep him in check.

And she's ADORABLE : (

It's going to be hard to leave and go to work today, besides the fact that I'm not looking forward to black friday madness.  Did you hear about the woman who pepper sprayed people for an xbox?  Craziness.

Wish me luck getting through today so I can take more photos of this little kitty before I give her back to my neighbor.

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