Thursday, April 26, 2012

Huckleberry Finn *FIXED*

I recently got a new pair of suspenders for these pants from G-star.  I wore them the other day for the first time, feeling pretty snazzy, and went to show them to Skyler for his approval.  While he liked my outfit he commented that I looked like Huckleberry Finn.  It's not what I was going for but I kind of agreed so I took this picture later that night to share with my friends and loved ones:

If anything I felt like I looked like a young newspaper editor, working late on the issue that would surely make his career.  But still, I took this picture and posted it on facebook saying that Skyler thought I looked like Huck Finn.  While most of the comments were positive and approving there were a few JEALOUS HATERS who felt the need to comment on how I wasn't smiling.

Firstly, let me just say, it takes a lot of concentration for me to hold a cell phone steady, get my entire body in the frame, and keep my lazy eye from wandering off moments before the picture is finally taken.  Secondly, it wasn't supposed to be a literal interpretation of Huck Finn.  I wasn't wearing a costume, it was just my work outfit that kind of looked like that.

But I decided to follow Ellen's example and turn my haters in to my motivators.

Is that a happy enough Huckleberry Finn for you?

I actually feel like without the hat and empty bottle of courvoisier I look more like Brendan Fraser from the Mummy than Huckleberry FInn:

But I'm sure now you're all going to say, "oh excuse me, Breandan Fraser wasn't that happy in the Mummy, your face is bad and you should feel bad". 

Whatever, I can't please everybody, I'll just keep pleasing myself. 


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  1. omgah ben im your biggest fan!!!!!!