Saturday, April 7, 2012

Heather's surprise internet gift

I decided to combine March and April in to one gift so that I could get a gift card in an amount that you could actually use at Victoria's Secret.

Heather LOVES gift cards.  If she isn't giving me a gift card as a thank you for something or other she is trying to pawn off gift cards that she has to places she doesn't ever go.  She has also, on more than one occasion, said, "I figure I'll just get them some gift cards.  Everyone loves giftcards"

So with giftcards on my mind I tried to think of a store that I knew Heather could use some products from.  Then I remembered, with the way her underwear gets strewn about the apartment complex I'm sure she goes through it pretty quickly.  She'd probably appreciate some new bedazzled panties to use as her calling card.

You're welcome Heather, and thank you for two more months of glorious internet service!


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