Saturday, April 21, 2012

there actually was severe weather

Though yesterday started out beautiful, the dark clouds began to gather as the afternoon wore on.  I thought I had brought everything I would need for a day out of the house but I was not prepared for the weather to turn so quickly.

I ended up back home by like 6 with the intention of changing out of my swimsuit and heading back down south but then the skies opened up.  Within minutes the water on our street was up to my bumper.  I decided to try and wait out the storm with Heather.

Once we opened the wine though, there was really no turning back.  It was so good too!  This was the bottle that Heather brought back for me from Sonoma a few weeks ago.  Hand selected just for me.  I commented that it was totally worth the waking up at 5 in the morning to take her to the airport and then having to stay up until 1 in the morning to pick her up again a week later.  She looked at me with a blank face for a moment and then said, "it was actually for you cleaning up Paris poop all week, I guess I should have brought back two bottles".

It's ok Heather, you shared your white with me when we made the salmon salad so it's all good.  And you let me beat you at scrabble by more than 100 points, you didn't have to be so generous, but thanks!

It's not storming anymore but it is grey and rainy still here in south florida.  A good day for chores, and hopefully and evening of debauchery.  We'll see.

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