Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I did a google search for "107.48" and this was one of the images that came up.  I actually didn't realize it but this is the most appropriate image for this post.

My blog hasn't been getting great numbers lately and it was starting to make me feel discouraged.  At some point I decided to just stop looking at the numbers altogether in hopes that if I put it out of my mind I could shake shake shake it off.

So today out of curiosity I decided to look at my stats.  Apparently they sent out a check at the end of January for $107.48 that I was completely unaware of.  When I set up my blog I didn't actually think that I would ever get paid anything so I didn't bother to set up an electronic transfer to my bank account.  Instead I listed my address in nyc for some reason.

For all I know my check has been sitting in a stack of mail on the kitchen table at old 326 East 100th St.  I texted Nathanael but he claims he hasn't seen anything.

Maybe he's holding it ransom until I go up and collect the rest of my things.  A hundred bucks?!  That's worth the trip!

The next time you see me you can pat me on the back.  Thanks.


  1. Wow! That's awesome! When you told me you were doing the ads thing, I was thinking "mmm, yeah...thatll be really lucrative". But look at you! I wish I had $107.48 just out of thin air.