Monday, December 24, 2012

and to all a good night

Gala bought us leopard print santa hats to wear today at work and I must say, it helped make the LONG day go by a little bit faster.  I felt like this all day:

I even suggested we could choreograph this at one point when we were desperate for something to do as there were hardly any customers all day today.  Nobody else seemed to be interested though.

But still we got a lot of compliments from people, especially when they saw us all together.  We even took a nice Christmas card photo of the whole work family.

Now I'm finally home and I'm just looking forward to going to sleep, where hopefully visions of sugar plums will dance in my head.  Or visions of love.

Ooh, maybe I'll watch Glitter tonight, as an ode to my secret santa.  It sounds like the start of a new, fantastic, Christmas Eve tradition.

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