Friday, December 7, 2012

tamara brought us marshmallows

Tamara is definitely my favorite customer at my new job, and not JUST because she brought us pink peppermint marshmallows today.  THEY ARE SO GOOD!!!

Apparently we were waiting for a scarf to come in that she wanted and when Dervon called her to tell her it had arrived she said she'd be in to pick it up, and she was going to bring marshmallows.  Boy did she deliver too!

She kind of reminds me of Mary from the juice bar, who would always come in after work.  Thinking about her just now took me on a trip down memory lane to some of the interesting regulars we had at that place.  Like the lady who would always come in with her coat hanging off her shoulders and her sunglasses balanced on the brink of her nose, always in a crazy flurry.  She would always look at the desserts and then complain that they all had so much agave, which she pronounced "Aguave".  Allie would always have to turn her head away because she couldn't stop laughing.

There was a really eccentric regular who, upon finding out that I had gone to school for writing, would always insist that I should write a tv show about all the cooky characters that came in there.  While I'm glad I never wasted any of my life on that venture, I am always disappointed when I think of all the missed opportunities for blog posts if only I had started this back when I worked there.  I would even have documented my meeting the Detective, and subsequently agreeing to tolerate living with him.  I sadly don't even have pictures from back then, and when I looked back on facebook the oldest pictures I found were terrible.  Well actually, they are kind of hilarious, and pretty accurately reflect the kind of cat he was and still is:

This is the most frequent way I see him, back turned to me, semi lifeless on the floor.  Lately he has taken to resting his head on any elevated surface, but otherwise this sums it up.  Otherwise, the other pictures of him from the same night are these:

Hahaha, it was a Christmas miracle indeed.  Awww, this makes me miss living with Ariel, that's one thing that's definitely not still the same.  I liked when the detective smelled like Chanel after their cuddles.

Now I'm all nostalgic and missing having roommates to give Christmas presents too.  And I don't even have peppermint marshmallows to drown my sorrows in, I left them at work!

But at least I have the detective.

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