Sunday, July 22, 2012

Eduard joins the war

So yesterday at work Sergio was giving me a LOT of attitude in the stockroom so I may have tickled him so he shrieked like a little girl and I may have pulled a polo over his head from behind, temporarily blinding him.

I don't think those merit his retaliation though.  Exiting the bathroom I only saw a flash of EDUARD's grinning face before a huge cup of ice water was thrown in my face.  It immediately blinded me and went up my nose, leaving me disoriented and helpless.  All I could do was stand there, dripping wet, listening to Eduard's laughter.

So this is what I did on my break:

In case you didn't figure, Sergio hates the Heat.

Unfortunately my phone died last night so I was unable to follow up on how many honks Sergio got on his drive home but I hope it was a lot.  Elliot said he was going to follow Sergio home and just lay on his horn the whole way.

But Sergio did not go straight home, as I found out hours later when I finally left work.  It was a long LONG night and I was very hot and tired as I climbed the last stair to my floor in the parking garage.  I could see my car in the distance but it didn't have the same usual shine to it.  As I got closer I realized my entire car had been saran wrapped shut.

I have no pictures because my phone was dead and my charger was trapped in my car underneath quite a bit of industrial strength plastic wrap.  I did finally get it all off and spent my drive home plotting my next move.

Oh and to add insult to injury, I woke up this morning and turned on my phone after leaving it to charge all night and this is the text I receive from Sergio, "I can't believe you thought you were safe, like a garden variety FOOL would"

As I was unwrapping my car last night a group of people walked past and the guy goes, "did somebody get you?" and I said, "Yes, and there will be retaliation".  They all started laughing.

We shall see who laughs last.

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