Wednesday, September 24, 2014

a day of beauty

The detective and I both had appointments to get our hair cut today, he was not as relaxed as he could have been.  This was his first time riding in my mini and I was surprised that he stayed in my lap the entire time.  Usually he creeps and crawls around the footwell area whenever he goes for car rides.

I take the detective to a guy named Mario who refers to him as his baby.  Mario's english isn't the best so when the haircut was over this was the text I got:

I think he meant "baby is ready".  I hope that's what he meant.  There seems to be some things lost in translation between us.  I did not intend for the detective to get a lion cut today but when he emerged from his carrier he was several pounds lighter than I expected.  I feel bad, like I should have gotten my head shaved in solidarity.

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